58th Annual Blanchfield Husband and Wife/ Mixed Couples Golf Tournament


Photo: James & Ashley Mcdonald are the 2017 Bill Blanchfield Husband & Wife Golf Champions. (Photo by John Rogers).


James - Ashley Macdonald & John Marchese – Maya Lyons Winners

On a very hot but beautiful weekend couples and mixed couples from around Maine & New Brunswick competed 36-holes in the 58TH Annual Bill Blanchfield Golf Tournament. Congratulations to the teams of James & Ashley Mcdonald and John Marchese and Maya Lyons for winning the 2017 titles. Full event results follow:


Overall Point Winners-

Married Division: Champions- ($60.00 Prize card) (29 pts) James and Ashley Macdonald                                              

Team Runner-up ($40.00 Prize card) (27 pts) Pat and Debbie McLaughlin


Mixed Division: 

Champions- ($60.00 Prize card) (29 pts.) John Marchese and Maya Lyons

 Team Runner-up ($40.00 Prize card) (26 pts) Sean Ellis and Sandy Wentworth



Long Drive: ($30.00 Prize Card)  Ladies- Ann Healy-Swift      Men- John Marchese   

Closest Pin: ($30.00 Prize Card)Ladies- Ann Healy-Swift 9'10” 

                                              Men- Sam Cundiff  11'6”

Mixed Division- 

2nd net- ($40.00 Prize card) (77n) John Moody and Marcia Carlow

2nd gross- ($40.00 Prize card) (83g) Sam Cundiff and BB Bernardini

1st net- ($60.00 Prize card) (67n) Mike Chambers and Chrys Landrigan 

1st gross- ($60.00 Prize card) (76g) John Marchese and Maya Lyons


Married Division- 

2nd net- ($40.00 Prize card)(71n)  Mike and Ann Healy-Swift

2nd gross- ($40.00 Prize card) (79g) Pat and Debbie McLaughlin

1st net- ($60.00 Prize card) (67n) Stacey and Allison Atkinson

1st gross- ($60.00 Prize card) (76g) James and Ashley Macdonald



Long Drive: ($30.00 Prize card) Ladies- Allison Atkinson      Men- John Marchese

Closest Pin: ($30.00 Prize card) Ladies- Maya Lyons 11'7”    Men- Don Walker 10'2”


Ladies’ Division- 

3rd net- ($30.00 Prize card) (79n) Diane Sullivan

3rd gross- ($30.00 Prize card) (96g) Debbie McLaughlin

2nd net- ($50.00 Prize card) (77n) Allison Atkinson

2nd gross- ($50.00 Prize card) (96g) Maya Lyons

1st net- ($70.00 Prize card) (74n) Sandy Wentworth

1st gross- ($70.00 Prize card) (94g) Ashley Macdonald


Men’s Division-

3rd net- ($30.00 Prize card) (72n) John McGee

3rd gross- ($30.00 Prize card) (75g) James Macdonald

2nd net- ($50.00 Prize card) (70n) Sean Ellis

2nd gross- ($50.00 Prize card) (75g) John Marchese

1st net- ($70.00 Prize card) (68n) John Sawyer


1st gross- ($70.00 Prize card) (75g) Don Walker



John Marchese and Maya Lyons are the 2017 Bill Blanchfield Mixed Golf Champions. (Photo by John Rogers).