Calais High School Honor Parts

Kianna Pike is a graduate of Calais High School and is this year’s Fourth Honors Part. She has been involved with several extra-curricular and co-curricular activities including softball, soccer and was also a member of the Dead Poets Society. She is described as being inquisitive, fearless and smart. Throughout her high school career these characteristics have helped her earn awards such as the Respect & Honor Award for Excellence, and she has been able to maintain honors all four years of high school. She plans on attending Washington County Community College where she will major in Adventure Recreation and Tourism. Kianna explains this educational decision was easy to make because it combines everything she loves in life. She plans on working in the first responder field while continuing on with her new love of firefighting. When asked what her most meaningful experience in high school was she stated “joining fire science. It made me realize that career I wanted to be in.” Calais High School wish Kianna Pike the best of luck!