Calais High School Honor Parts

Daniel Fransiscus is a graduate of Calais High School and is this year’s Third Honors Part. He has been involved in several extra-curricular and co-curricular activities including Skills USA and NTHS.  Throughout his high school career he has received a gold medal in Carpentry Knowledge, has maintained a spot on the honor roll and was a recipient of the Early College for ME Scholarship. He plans to attend Southern Maine Community College and major in Composite Science & Manufacturing. Daniel is hoping to take his experience and knowledge and work in practical effects for films and entertainment. Daniel is described as being detailed, experimental and academic which are all characteristics that will help him in his academic endeavors. When asked what was his most meaningful experience in high school he said “Sophomore year Winter Carnival. Our class did the best work that year and worked more cohesively.” Calais High School would like to wish Daniel the best of luck!