Person on the Street: Calais Regional Hospital OB Closure


By Lura Jackson


In May, Calais Regional Hospital announced that it would be closing its obstetrics unit in January of 2018. The closure comes as a result of financial difficulties with CEO Ron Boula reporting losses of $5,000 per day. According to Boula, last year there were 60 births at the hospital and this year appears to be pacing the same. To break even with the cost of the obstetrics unit, 180 births a year would be necessary. Members of the community have responded with dismay, organizing a protest and a candlelight vigil, while the city council has declared “no confidence” in the hospital’s board. On Thursday, June 8th, The Calais Advertiser headed to downtown Calais to ask, “What’s your opinion on the closure of the hospital’s OB unit?”




Bill Kolodnicki: It’s horrible. It’s a small regional area. It has limited services and doctors as it is. They’re not training midwives. I’ve not seen anybody open up a midwife clinic. It’s not compensating for the medical needs of the area.


Lorraine Francis: I never had children there, but it’s too bad. I had my babies in Eastport ages ago.


Patrick Francis: I don’t think it should happen. It’s more convenient to go to Calais than Machias or Bangor. I had two of my kids there with no problems. Everything was perfect. We had no problems with my kids there. I’m not having more babies, but for other people, I think it should stay open. I don’t know what they need to do for the fundraising part to get stable. What’s causing it to lose $5,000 a day? I just don't know where the money’s going. (See more people’s responses on page 2).