Letter to the Editor - Attention all Maine retirees

Attention all Maine retirees:

Governor LePage in his present budget proposal has a section concerning all retiree pensions.  If passed by the Maine legislature and then signed by him into law, it would exclude the first $35,000 of all retirees' pensions from being state income taxed.  This is up from the present $15,000.  It would increase it from $15,000 by $5,000 a year until it reaches the $35,000 amount.  You need to contact your state senator and representative and the Maine Legislature's Appropriations Committee and ask them to support this. Website for information and emailing, etc. is www.maine.gov. There is also a State House Message Center:1-800-423-2900.  Because of bipartisan actions, the implementation of the state budget may be delayed.  Regardless, let our government representatives know you would appreciate their support. I always contact my government representatives because they are supposed to represent me and other people. I also recently emailed a question to MPR's "Maine Calling".  I asked the two guest legislators that day if they would support all Maine retirees with this increase to $35,000.  Both of them never really answered yes or no.  It was obvious they did not even know what I was talking about! I hope you are as appalled as I am by this ignorance and lack of support.  As soon as possible let them know you exist and demand they recognize that retirees living on fixed incomes need their help and support.

Karen E. Holmes