Kudos to the Board of Directors and Management of Calais Regional Hospital for making the tough decision to close the OB unit at the hospital!  After reading many articles and letters, it is obvious that this decision was made for the right reasons.  The hospital cannot continue to bleed resources that could be better used providing services that are in greater demand by the population it serves.  It is unfortunate that the OB unit has to be closed, but that is due to the current reality in the healthcare industry where resources are continually more and more limited.  CRH Board of Directors and Management must make tough decisions as to how to make the best use of the limited healthcare resources available to provide services that the community needs daily (ex. Emergency room, outpatient treatment, diagnostic testing, etc.).  There are unmet needs, such as cardiac and respiratory illnesses that impact much more of the local population and that are needed more than an average of once per week (which is how many births there were at CRH last year).  These are the services that the hospital must focus on.  If you read the information provided by CRH’s Management, you will see that they are also working on ways to add more outpatient care, including women’s healthcare, in a different manner.   Like any business, the hospital must evaluate its’ services provided and evolve as needed based on financial and market factors.  In what other industry would you see charges reimbursed at such low levels, and see such a high level of unpaid care, and yet the business is still expected to provide services without hesitation?  CRH is not just closing the OB unit, they are working to provide the healthcare services that are needed in our area and will continue to do so with support from the community.  We need CRH!  They are vital to our community and need the support of the community.  Instead of fighting the OB closure, let’s work together so that we have the quality healthcare that we all need, and depend on, available close to home.

I support Calais Regional Hospital, and hope you will too.  

Marilyn Welsch

Robbinston, Maine