Miss Joyce, Children's Librarian at the Calais Free Library, Announces the Summer Reading Program for 2017!

The theme for this summer's reading program is Build a Better World!  Participants may sign up anytime beginning on June 21st. The first scheduled "Kids Lunch and Activities" will be June 27th, from 12-1 pm. All aspects of the reading program will continue until August 12th. Miss Joyce is very excited about this summer's theme "Build a Better World": a great way to do this is to grow a garden!  Kids will be planting vegetables and flowers.  Throughout the summer, they will weed and water. Kids will also be painting rocks which will be strategically placed around the outside perimeter of the library. Along with these fun happenings, kids will be making houses out of various materials. Kids will get to play fun games with Miss Joyce during different programs such as Rapunzel wrap-up and Roll A Monster.   Family readers can get in on the excitement with activities which complement the summer reading theme and promote literacy in young children. Join us this summer, track your reading time, and earn some fun prizes from our Treasure box and our grab bag prizes. So parents and caregivers make this a family affair and share the gift of reading with your child. Come into the library and ask Miss Joyce or any of the librarians about signing up and taking home the reading logs.  Join us for all the fun!