PES Holds Annual Penny Carnival

Photo: Students who made the honor roll at Princeton Elementary School got the chance to slime their principal on the last day of school. The students met Principal Williams' goal of 36 students making the honor roll and got to slime her. 

By Kaileigh Deacon

At the end of the school year the playground at Princeton Elementary School becomes a carnival for the kids with games and activities. It is a way to celebrate the end of the year. For the last several years the carnival has been given a theme and this year was Rock and Roll. The Penny Carnival started by the teachers and all the games and events are organized by them. 

Many of the teachers and students sported Rock and Roll themed outfits in addition to many of the games having a Rock and Roll theme to them. Kids play games and collect prized and get to enjoy the last day of school outside. 

In addition to the Penny Carnival students and teachers celebrated the success of the students by sliming Principal Charity Williams. All year Principal Williams has been setting goals for her students saying that if the given number of students make the honor roll then she will do something of her choosing. Prior she has been duct taped to a wall and fed bugs and had a pie in her face. This quarter's challenge was 36 kids and 38 made the honor roll. The next goal is 42 students to make the honor roll and the "punishment" for Principal Williams will be decided when school goes back into session. 

“The students got to find the slime recipe and then make it themselves,” Principal Williams said. The students selected to do the sliming were from the honor roll and hand-picked by Williams. 

The dollar each student gave as their “entrance” to Penny Carnival allowed them to play each game and doe each project as much as they wanted and will go back into funding more programs at the school. 

One of the things students could do was make necklaces with stars printed from the school's new 3-D printer they acquired through a grant. 

Teachers dressed Rock and Roll for this year's end of the year celebration supervising games. It's a fun day for everyone and a chance to enjoy the last day before summer break.