Letter to the Editor - Fish going down stream from the dam

To The Editor:

About the news about the fish being cut up going down river through the dam.

Without shutting down the dam, the fish can safely go through, there is a way to avoid this. There would be a detour sluice or man-made detour stream.

Down in the river at the point of detour, put a net. The openings in the net would be of a size to let water flow through but small enough to keep fish from going through.

Any stakes should be on the dam side to keep the fish from bumping into them. Also, it should be in a downward angle to help guide the fish more easily to the detour escape channel.

Coming back up the river, do the same thing in reverse order to keep the fish from being chewed up in the dam. 

The final question. Who will do it, to pay for it?

Ronald Putnam