St. Croix Snack Shack to Open on Route 1

Photo: The St. Croix Snack Shack will be opening the weekend of June 30th to satisfy cravings for the familiar - including burgers, hot dogs, lobster rolls, and ice cream - and the exotic, including freshly made gazpacho soup. The Shack is located where the former Ice Cream Patch was and it has been revitalized by the Feldkirchers of Utah. From left to right: Trevor, Lucy, and Rob.  (Photo by Lura Jackson)

By Lura Jackson

Ever since the closure of the Ice Cream Patch on Route 1, there’s been a vacant place on the map of local eateries and in the stomachs of many residents pining for that classic Maine mixture of seafood and ice cream. As of the upcoming weekend of June 30th, that spot will be empty no longer as the St. Croix Snack Shack officially opens to the public.

The St. Croix Snack Shack is the vision of Lucy and Rob Feldkircher, who, along with son Trevor, purchased the property a few years ago with the intention of restoring it to its summer best. “We’re really trying to resurrect what was here before,” said Lucy. “It was our favorite place to get fried clams and ice cream. We were really disappointed when it closed.”

The Feldkirchers have been traveling to the area for decades to spend a few weeks each summer, a tradition carried over from Lucy’s lifetime of summering in Eastern Washington County with her family. When the opportunity came up to purchase the former Ice Cream Patch property, the Feldkirchers jumped on it, knowing they could put their experience in the restaurant and hospitality business to effective use.

Rob, who has thirty years of experience in the restaurant industry preparing fine food and pub fare alike, will be the head chef. Lucy and Trevor will manage the front of the takeout stand, taking orders and preparing ice cream to suit each order.

The menu of the St. Croix Snack Shack promises familiar favorites along with exciting additions that will delight the local palate. Burgers and red hot dogs on toasted buns accompanying thick cut potato chips or French fries are a staple for any take out stand, though customers can customize their choice by adding eggs or an extra patty to their burger or onions to their hot dogs. The burgers are made with ground chuck obtained from the Perry Farmers’ Union. Lobster rolls – made with Quoddy Bay Lobster – will be served with either mayonnaise or butter, and gluten free customers can opt for five ounces of lobster on a bed of Bibb lettuce. Beer-battered fried haddock comes with chips or as a sandwich, and Maine clams are offered fried or steamed. Grilled cheese sandwiches are made with American cheddar and Swiss cheese and can be customized with egg, lobster, bacon, or tomato. Gazpacho, a chilled tomato soup made with onion, cucumber and peppers is a regular menu item, as are house and Caesar salads with added lobster or chicken tenders.

“We’re keeping it fairly simple the first year,” Lucy said, adding that daily specials will be offered on most days to see how customers respond to them. Daily specials will include Taco Tuesdays, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and barbecue pork sandwiches, among others.

Accompanying the food selection is a menu of hard and soft ice cream choices featuring Gifford’s ice cream. The ice cream can be served on a cone, as a milkshake, or as a sundae with additions of hot fudge, caramel, or homemade triple berry sauce, along with sprinkles, a cherry, or a banana. After making a selection, customers can enjoy their food at the picnic tables arranged along the coast of the St. Croix River.

This year, the St. Croix Snack Shack will be open through Labor Day. Next year it may be open longer as the Feldkirchers are planning to move here permanently once Trevor graduates from school in Utah. The takeout stand will be open seven days a week from 11-7, staying open an extra hour until 8 on Fridays and Saturdays. The Feldkirchers are seeking part-time assistants to work in the front of the shack; call 435-901-2126 for more information.