Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


Here we are on Monday, July3.  Finally the temperature is warmer and the rain and misty weather has stopped.  Last week my tomato plants were dancing because they were in the ground; yesterday they were putting out SAS calls and asking for life jackets.

The birds have been particularly plentiful on the farm during this rainy weather.  A flock of blue Jays and a flock of cowbirds cleaned out the suet feeders in no time. I have two beautiful cardinals hanging around for the black sunflower seeds. By their coloring, I believe they are mates.  They let the cats know they are here by a special tweet when they arrive.  The woodpeckers whistle when they arrive.  The young ones have learned to get the own lunches out of the feeder.

Yesterday I had a big gray squirrel here.  The chipmunks and the red squirrels, pests that they are, tried to drive the gray squirrel off, but he/she was hungry enough to put up a fight. The other excitement this week was that I heard Lulu growling and when I checked the situation out, she had caught one of the mice we have been stalking.

Special hellos are going out this week to Mike and Marilyn Trafton, Dick Carroll, Tina Crowe, Phil Allen, Nada White, Miriam Libby and Judy and Stan Clark, Marguerite Graham, Gloria smith and Vivian Scott, who has a birthday this week.

Congratulations to former Woodland Dragon Sara Boies who was named to the highest honors list at the University of Maine at Presque Isle for spring semester. Christine Boomer has finished her first year teaching at Calais elementary School and is looking forward to starting her second year.  To keep busy during the summer, she is working at one of the banks in Calais. I also saw Linda Phelps working at the same bank.  I enjoy seeing former students contributing to the good of the community.  Tim Call and Danielle Smith have jumped into the economics of Calais in a big way.  They bought Kendall’s jewelry store and are having success in their endeavor.

The staff of the Calais Advertiser will be asking the School Superintendent and the town council what the next step is for the school issues.  Seven million was certainly a lot of money so maybe they (members of the study group) can bring another solution to the town.  

I drove by the Calais pool on Monday and was happy to see the children there and using the pool.  The children really miss their swimming activities when the pool has to shut down.  Congratulations to the crew that hurriedly had it ready to use.

The new St. Croix Snack shack was busy on Monday.  The new owners were pleased with the many customers who came to the opening day. That spot has been a popular summer ice cream stop for many years and it is nice to see it in operation again.  The owners have a lot more to offer than ice cream, too.

Readers are reminded of the huge sale at the Methodist Homes Apartments next Friday and Saturday, July 7 and 8.  Sale hours will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and hot dogs will be available to keep everyone’s strength up.

A recent report from the Garrapy Food Pantry in Eastport indicated that this past week 74 households received food representing over 136 people.  Volunteers are needed for Friday afternoons to help recipients with their items and for Tuesday to help lifting some of the heavier in-coming items.  Call Patty Loring at 853-0023 for more information.

The first of the 2017 Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and Auxiliary dinner will be held on July 12.  The usual delicious entrees including baked beans, of course, salads and addictive desserts will be available.

Preparations continue for the Dennysville/Edmunds Summer Festival on Saturday, July 15.  The ladies in charge of the books report that they no longer have room for any more.  They are still in need of contributions of bake sale goodies.

Stay safe and have a great week.