PAWS Celebrates July Stars & Stripes Adoption Event

From July 1-31st, PAWS Brave Hearts is hosting a grand celebration of independence!  The Stars and Stripes adoption event will feature a fee of $17.76 for felines 1 year old and up, plus a donation of any size from the adoptive family.  The line-up of feline Stars and Stripes includes felines of all personalities, ages, and looks, and almost guarantees adopters will find a perfect match for their family! Interested adopters are invited to meet them on-line by visiting or

PAWS Brave Hearts celebrates the independence of the cats and dogs in their care 365 days a year.  While many furry companions are happily reunited with their families after a spontaneous adventure, others come to PAWS to be rehomed following the loss of a beloved family member or after suffering years of neglect and abuse.  

Each new animal who crosses the threshold immediately joins the PAWS family, which provides compassionate care in accordance with the “Five Freedoms” of animal welfare, focusing on their unique medical, developmental, and behavioral needs.  The organization’s name, PAWS Brave Hearts, was inspired by the resilience shown by these animals who learn that, despite the trauma they have endured, the kindness of people can lead to new, lasting relationships.  PAWS’ overarching goal is always to find a new, loving home, suited to the individual animal, in the shortest timeframe possible.  

Of course, the more gregarious companions are often first to be adopted; however, the PAWS Board has seen a growing trend with adopters who want to help a shy or special needs animal blossom in their family.  Over the past several years, many longtime feline residents have found new homes, and their stories of triumph over adversity have been amazing.  The feedback we receive from adopters reinforces our approach.  When furry family members are welcomed into a new home that furnishes the unique support they need, they blossom into happy, well-adjusted pets!

Thus, PAWS is also searching for a small number of exceptional adopters who want the experience of helping a longtime or special needs feline (or two) blossom.  For example, a charming, bonded pair, Olive and Bourbon, have recently undergone extensive dental surgeries to prepare them for a home where they will be showered with love.  Meanwhile, a feisty, self-assured silver tabby, Fawn, who dealt with adversity in the wild and treatable medical conditions at PAWS, is looking for a family who will enjoy her passionate antics as much as she does.  Noel, with a striking blaze on his face, recently lost his beloved guardian and needs a family who will actively involve him in their daily activities, which he finds nothing short of intriguing. These Stars all share one characteristic: They have been waiting far too long to be discovered by families ready to share their love.

To facilitate more of these adoptions in the future, PAWS is currently expanding its in-home foster care program with families who host cats or dogs that are a good match for their lifestyle and the time commitment they can make.  Foster families have the best of both worlds as they help animals blossom and help find adopters looking for the deep, lasting friendships they need.  All feline Stars and Stripes are spayed or neutered, up to date on preventative care, microchipped, insured for 30 days, and ready for a free wellness exam at one of four local veterinary clinics.  FMI about adoption or foster care, call (207) 454-7662, email, visit or, or stop by PAWS at 368 South St, Calais, from 1-4pm Thursday-Saturday or by appointment.