Pembroke Historical Society Presentation


“The KING’S BROAD ARROW” Maine White Pine & the Royal Navy presented by Samuel F. Manning, Maritime Historian, Author & Illustrator

This mark, known as “The King’s Broad Arrow,” was placed onto the tallest, straightest white pine of colonial Maine. Anyone cutting a tree so marked risked serious punishment. These trees were reserved for use as masts and spars of His Majesty’s Navy. If Britannia truly “ruled the waves,” it did so through harnessing the wind into sails held in place by wood taken from the forests of Maine.

On Monday evening, July 17th, at 7:00 PM, the Pembroke Historical Society will feature maritime author and illustrator Samuel F. Manning in a discussion of the methods by which the Royal Navy selected, cut, transported, and transformed Maine white pine into an essential part of England’s great Men-of-War. Mr. Manning’s presentation is intended for the general public, including adults and students grades 5 through college. Anyone interested in forestry, wood-working, wooden boats, sailing, or maritime history should plan to attend.

The July 17th program starts at 7:00 PM. Admission is Free. It takes place at the fully handicap accessible Pembroke Library, 221 Old County Road, Pembroke, opposite the Horse Track. For information contact Dr. Stephen Sanfilippo at 207-726-4747,, or the Pembroke Library at 207-726-4745.