Baileyville Town Council Passes ATV Ordinance

By Kaileigh Deacon


The Baileyville Town Council had their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, July 10 at 5:30 p.m. in the town office. Members in attendance were Carl Ripley, Craig Croman, Tim Call, and Town Manager Rick Bronson. Absent were Steven Knowles and Acacia Emery. The meeting was called to order and the previous meeting’s minutes approved. 

In department head reports, Jamie McLaughlin reported that they are doing work on the storm drains on Washington Street in connection with the on-going sewer project. He also reported that the DEP will be in town to perform an inspection of the landfill on Thursday. John McPhee then spoke about the 911 reflective signs that the fire department is selling to help buy some new equipment. The signs are $20 for the sign and numbers. 

The council then moved into old business starting with the third reading of the ATV Ordinance. The council said they had nothing but positive feedback about the changes to the ordinance. The council then unanimously approved the amendment to the ordinance. Also under old business the council authorized city manger Bronson to enter into a contract with McLaughlin Signs of St. Stephen to repaint and replace town welcome signs as well as the signs at the town office, not to exceed $2000. 

Then under new business the council tabled discussion and a vote on a proposed letter to be sent to delinquent tax payers. The council decided to table the matter until they all had a chance to read through the letter and make suggestions if they have any. Secondly, they approved the tax write-offs for lots 569 and 570 at the end of Route 9 in the amounts of $13,762.49 and $269.03 respectively. 

In the third item the council appointed Jamie Bohannon to the Baileyville Utilities District Board of Trustees. They then approved the date of August 28 for a special meeting regarding the Fiber Project as well as the high school fire sprinkler system. 

The council approved the addition of two items to the agenda under new business. The first was the awarding of the bid for a new police cruiser to Darling’s Ford of Bangor in the amount of $31,691. The second item was to abandon any possible right of way remaining near the corner of Routes 9 and 1. By doing this the town reverts any right of way to the abutting property owners. 

Under the Town Manager’s report, Bronson addressed the issue of having another town councilor be on the board for the Economic Development Corporation. Acacia Emery expressed interest in this and Bronson will approach her about the subject. Bronson then informed the council of an ongoing issue with the Baring Fire Department and former Chief Mike Foggia. Foggia claims that things that the Baileyville Fire Department now has are rightfully still property of the Baring Fire Department. The state police are involved in the investigation of the claims. There will be a workshop on Wednesday July 12 at 6:00 p.m. at the town office. The meeting will not be open for public comment but open for attendance. 

The final item Bronson brought before the council was an issue with the Maine Land Use Commission. The State Legislature approved the moving of the Baileyville-Baring town line. 

Bronson: If a municipal line is moved the Maine Land Use Commission has to review the building ordinances of the municipality receiving the land to see if they’re as strong as they would have been had the land remained in an area not controlled by an organized municipality. 

This means that the Land Use Commission will remain in control of issuing building permits on the left side of the land going into the commercial park until this is resolved. 

The next scheduled meeting for the Baileyville Town Council will be Monday July 24th at 5:30pm at the Baileyville Town Office.