Letter to the Editor - After the "fun." July 5, 2017

After the "fun."  July 5, 2017.  Fireworks' debris just picked up on my morning beach walk. I'm sure there will be more flotsam as the waves wash more of the hour's long display's debris into the coves.  This , multiplied thousands of times on Maine's thousands of lakes and ponds, and we are talking about considerable amounts of debris pollution. We won't mention the air and water pollution from the dyes, toxic metals and smoke also released during these thousands of displays.  Sort of like defecating into your own bath water I'd say.

I would think that property owners around Maine's lakes and ponds would want to take better care of their shared water bodies. Their property values depend on water quality, and at this rate, the quality could be going down.

Tonya L. Troiani, Meddybemps, ME