Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


The weather forecasters have been threatening residents of the St. Croix Valley with thunder storms and heavy rains all week.  Mornings were miserable, but the sun pushed its way through the fog and mist and we really enjoyed several good days. Other areas of the state did get bad weather though so once again we dodged the bullet.

Fourth of July festivities went off as planned.  Visitors to Eastport reported that although the gathering was big, it did not seem to be as big as in previous years. Eastport has the honor or having the biggest Fourth of July celebration in the state. Many people put a lot of effort into planning the many activities held in the port city and they are all rewarded with crowds over the holiday weekends. Readers who do not enjoy crowds could visit Eastport in calmer times and enjoy the third best lobster rolls in the nation at Quoddy Bay Lobster Company.

Susan McCray is back from her visit to her relatives and now thinks she is a world traveler. After spending many hours on the road to Bangor for doctors’ appointments and treatments through the winter and spring, Susan went on a fun trip.  She visited family in Massachusetts, Georgia, Massachusetts again, Vermont and Massachusetts again. Susan went to a parade in Vermont and saw a fire-breathing dragon with real flames and all of the safety precautions that went with it. In Georgia with her granddaughter Ashley and two great-granddaughters, she visited many local restaurants and got an idea of real southern food. Susan, we all are happy that you had a wonderful trip.

The residents of the Methodist Homes’ sale went well both days.  Organizers moved the sale inside to avoid the predicted bad weather.  Everyone was comfortable with air conditioning and many enjoyed having lunch.  The hot dogs sold out.

Linda Bohanon passed away on Sunday after a courageous battle with cancer.  Linda was employed by Fenderson/Peabody insurance of more than thirty years.  She was always busy with her life helping others and taking care of her family.  Both the communities of Baileyville and Calais will miss seeing her around.  Sympathy is being extended to her husband Monte, mom Ruth Foss and children and grandchildren.

I was saddened to hear of the death of my friend Ferguson Calder last week.  Fergie had been really sick for quite awhile so his passing was not a surprise, but it was a sad time. He had many jobs and hobbies during his time in the Calais area, but he was most taken, in my opinion, with the Calais Advertiser. His goal was to bring real news to his readers and he spent hours in the office and with his camera on the road gathering what he believed was relevant.  Fergie, Maureen and I took several four-wheeler trips along the old railroad tracks to Machias and Fergie led me on several rough trails and hauled me out or several ditches. He was a real friend to all and would help anyone who needed a lift.  Even though he has been in West Virginia for a few years, he and I would stay in touch on the phone.  He even tracked me down when I was in Eastern Maine Medical Center and Calais Regional Hospital last spring. I have missed him since he left the area, but I will miss him more now. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Maureen, Sarah and Charlotte and his grandsons as well as to all the people whose lives he touched here.

Special hellos are going out this week to Phil Boomer, Bud McAlpine, Gloria Smith, Gloria Leighton and anyone else needing a lift.

Over the July 4th holiday, Dennysville residents had a Callithumpian parade.  I need to do some research on this subject and this is what I found: “Callithumpian refers to a band of discordant instruments or a noisy parade. The word was first used in 1836 so this is an old tradition in the states.  The word has been said to be a blend of calliope and thump which is sensible as a word for a noisy fairgrounds atmosphere. Huge Callithumpian continue in Biwabik, Minnesota, Decatur, Illinois and in Ontario, Canada.

The Dennysville Church’s Summer Festival will be held Saturday, July 15. Along with food to sell the organizers will have a tag Sale and a “Chinese Auction.” Participants are still looking for tempting items to sell.

On Saturday, July 1 Melinda Jaques held an Open House at her newly created studio space that is arranged to display art that she and others (family and friends) have collected over the years.  The first showing is entitled “Robert Munford (1925-1991) Selected Works 1959-1966 Ibiza, Spain.” Throughout the afternoon people stopped in to appreciate not only the interesting and varied art work, but also the total rejuvenation that has been brought about for the building, which local folk will remember as having been the Dennysville Youth Center.  Although Melinda has not scheduled another Open House, she is always delighted to share it with any who are interested.  She can be reached at her home, which is the Lincoln House/Hanson House by calling 726-5258 or stopping by the studio if you see her car there.

Toward the end of June, Judy Madsen and her husband from Connecticut stopped in at the Lincoln Memorial Library by pre-arrangement, to view various useful genealogy sources that and kept at the library for such a purpose.  Jesse Southerland was also there to help them in their search for information about her ancestors who were the Dudleys.  Judy Madsen’s information about her roots has been posted on the Dennys River historical society’s Facebook page.

The gardening videos were well received and the library staff would be delighted to have suggestions for other sorts of programs/videos that people would be interested in having available.  Just call the library to leave word during open hours: Mondays 4pm-7pm and Tuesdays and Fridays 1:30 pm -4 pm.

Stay save and have a great week.