WCCC/Pratt Chevrolet 4-Person Scramble

Pictured are the 2017 WCCC 4-Person Scramble Champions at the St. Croix Country Club. The team of Darin Constant, Tobi Cole, Joe Footer, and James Mcdonald shot an impressive 15-Under par to win the event. (Photo by John Rogers).

Cole, Constant, Footer, Mcdonald Win With 15-Under


Men’s 1st Division:

The Washington Community College hosted their 16th Annual 4-Person Scramble on Saturday at the St. Croix Country Club on a beautiful summer day in Calais. From a jammed-full field of competitors, the team of Tobi Cole, Darin Constant Joe Footer, and James Mcdonald shot a superb 15-under par 55 over the 18-hole event. The proceeds from this WCCC special fundraiser goes in full to deserving students that attend the college. Full event results follow:


1st Gross- Overall Tourney Champs (55g)

 Toby Cole, James Macdonald, Joe Footer, Darrin Constant        

2nd gross- (56g)

Pat Ellis, Sam Bell, Jason Redding, Johnny Deacon

3rd gross-(57g)

Trevor Campbell, Calvin Shirley, Chris Stacey, Chris Nelson

Div. Net- (11n)

Mike Demolet, Beau Scott, Brian McArthur, Billy Seavey


Mens 2nd Division:

1st gross- (58g)

Eddie Leeman, Jordan Leeman, Kenny Murphy, Scott Macdonald

2nd gross- (59g)

Alex Nicholas, Carl Nicholas, Dennis Lewey, Eddie Nicholas

3rd gross- (60g)

Jason Cassidy, Matt Cassidy, Joe Cassidy, Bob Hatch

Div. Net- (-2n)

Colin Mitchell, Ray Campbell, Bucky Ouellette, Alan Reid


Men’s 3rd Division:

1st gross- (62g)

Bill Barnett, Nick Barnett, Justin Tapley, Mark Johnson

2nd gross- (63g)

Steve Leighton, Kevin Lane, Joey Craig, Brad McPhee

3rd gross- (63g)

Al Day, Jason Harkins, Doug DeWitt, Aaron Urquhart

Div. Net- (-44n)

Melissa Graham, Bethany McShane, Mark Waycott, Scott Carrier


Ladies’ Division:

1st gross- (63g)Ann Flewelling, Kris Harvey, Sharon Brennon, Deb Allison

1st net- (-69n) Ashley Macdonald, Kari Cole, Sarah Scott, Julie McPhee 

Long Drive: 

Ladies- Melissa Graham Men- Joe Footer

Closest Pins: 

Ladies: #6- Ann Flewelling 3'3” #8-Melissa Graham 24'5”         

 Men: #6- Calvin Shirley 1'3”  #8- Sam Bell 2'4”


Pictured are the 2017 WCCC 4-Person Ladies’ Scramble Champions at the St. Croix Country Club. The Fredericton team of Ann Flewelling, Kris Harvey, Sharon Brennon, and Deb Allison shot a fine 7-under-par 63 to win their division. (Photo by John Rogers).

WCCC President Joe Cassidy and St. Croix Club Professional Mike Ellis thank the large number of participants in the 16TH Annual 4-Person Scramble, a fundraiser that provides financial assistance to deserving students at WCCC. (Photo by John Rogers).

Melissa Graham, who won the ladies’  long drive contest, strokes the putt on the sixth hole as teammate Scott Carrier watches. (Photo by John Rogers).

Rickie Young makes the chip to the hole in the WCCC 4-Person Scramble. (Photo by John Rogers).