Princeton’s Flea Wheeling

Photo: Princeton Parks and Recreation’s Meredith Carle with a new popcorn machine. (Photo by Sandra Smith).

By Sandra Smith

On Saturday, the Friends of Princeton held their annual Flea Wheeling event at Brewer Andrews Ball Field. Unfortunately, as soon as we started to set up the Friend’s canopy at 7:00 a.m., it started to thunder and shortly thereafter, began raining. We tried not to become too distressed and continued to put up the canopy. Luckily by 8:00, the thunder and rain had moved out and the vendors began arriving. However, the weather most likely did hold back some participants.

We set up the books and dvds for the Princeton Library Book Sale under half of the canopy and set up the other half with larger items that had been stored for too long in our barn. Friend, Jo-Anne Cannell from Indian Rock Camps in Grand Lake Stream brought smaller items for sale in our space as well.

The Parks and Recreation Committee used our canopy and Meredith Carle accepted the challenge of trying out their new popcorn maker. Who could resist buying a bag with the aroma of fresh popcorn wafting over to our area?

Friends member Sharon Norman, her husband Bob and willing and helpful grandson, Jordan, had the space next to us and transported and sold items that had been donated to Friends as well as their smaller items and crafts.

The Princeton Fire Station crew once again volunteered for this town event and they grilled hot dogs, served drinks and desserts as well as sold raffle tickets for the kayak. There was a call out at the mill in Woodland but Fire Chief, Tony Ramsdell made it back after the fire was put out.

Other vendors brought jewelry, antique items, fishing equipment, wood crafts and household goods to sell.

This was the sixth year of holding an event. In 2012, it was started by the Friends of Princeton as a community yard sale, with a map of all those who wanted to participate. Then, in 2013, they decided to make more use of the Brewer Andrew’s Ball Field and held their first Flea Market Day. In 2014 it evolved into the current Flea-Wheeling Day.

Friends of Princeton’s Sharon Norman setting up donations. (Photo by Sandra Smith).