Baileyville Town Council Approves Assistance to Princeton Airport Project

By Kaileigh Deacon

On July 24 the Baileyville Town Council called their regularly scheduled meeting to order with all members of the council present. With a unanimous vote, the council approved both the warrants and the previous meeting’s minutes.

In old business, the first item up for discussion was the draft of the letter that would be sent to delinquent tax payers. This letter was first presented at the July 10th meeting. The letter was reviewed by the councilors and then approved to be sent out to current properties in this situation.

The second item in old business was the repair for the bulldozer the town owns. The item was introduced at the July 10th meeting and then Jamie McLaughlin went out to get a quote on the cost of the repair. The initial quote was in the amount was $10,600; however, that quote did not include the repair of the dozers turning capability as it currently only turns in one direction. The council approved McLaughlin to get repairs to the dozer up to but not to exceed $15,000.

The council then approved the first reading of the Land Use Ordinance Amendment to include the new portion of the Industrial Park, which was acquired from Baring. The amendment would include the new piece of land into the Industrial Park zone, including commercial park conditions. The amendment will have its second reading and a public hearing at the next meeting on August 14.

The council also approved a sewer abatement request in the amount of $73.03 unanimously.

Next, Jason Theriault and Brad Richard made a presentation on the Princeton Airport that included a request on behalf of the Princeton Airport Authority. The Princeton airport has received a $5.7 million grant to make some necessary upgrades and repairs to the airport. The airport is responsible for coming up with 5% of this amount, roughly $286,000, in actual funds or in-kind donations. The airport has raised most of their portion through materials that will be needed for the project though they still stand $22,000 short of their portion.

One of the options the engineer on the project came up with was to ask Baileyville for use of their gravel pit in Meddybemps to collect 4,000 yards of gravel to go to the project and make up the difference. The gravel would have to be approved by the FAA before it could be used. The council unanimously agreed to give the airport the gravel after Jamie McLaughlin gave them assurance that they would not be shorted. The engineer will be visiting with the Princeton Airport Authority on Tuesday, July 25 and will evaluate the gravel at that time. They need to have the grant by August 4 in order to get the project completed so that the airport can remain open during the winter months when it is needed the most.

Tim Call: I would recommend helping this, I think it’s important for all our local communities.

Jamie McLaughlin advised the council that the recent Department of Environmental Protection inspection that was scheduled for the landfill had been rescheduled until September and that he would give them an update once that had been completed.

In his report, Town Manger Richard Bronson updated the council on the progress of the Dollar General Project on the end of Route 9. The project is proceeding without hiccups at this point, now that the title issues have been cleared up. Bronson also advised the council that the sewer project through town has started and will be continuing for the next several months.

The next meeting for the Baileyville Town Council will be held on August 14 at 5:30 at the town office.