CRH Nurses Complete Recover Coach Training

Photo: RN’s Heather White (l) and Crystal Donovan (r) recently completed recovery coach training to assist community members interested in recovery from addiction. (CRH photo).

Congratulations to CRH Registered Nurses Crystal Donovan and Heather White who completed a 30 hour Recovery Coach training course. A Recovery Coach is someone interested in promoting recovery by assisting recoveries of addiction to identify and overcome barriers to recovery, develop recovery capital and serve as a recovery guide and companion for those seeking or sustaining recovery.

Four goals of the recovery coach are:
• Promote recovery • Remove barriers
• Connect people with recovery support services
• Encourage hope, optimism and healthy living

Crystal and Heather took this training to become more aware of how to help the community with addiction issues, and also wanted to better serve patients that come to the ED and are admitted to the Inpatient Care Unit. They plan to utilize the knowledge and skills gained from the course to develop a robust packet of resources available for patients who suffer from addictions and wish to get into recovery.

Crystal and Heather state that their definition of recovery is: “Returning to a place of peace and innocence. Being complete with what you have and not needing or wanting more. Recovery is a process of healing old wounds with continued growth, support and becoming the best version of yourself. You are not in it not alone. You are in recovery when you say you are.”
Thank you both for dedicating time to learn about this topic. Great job Crystal and Heather!