Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


Any resident waiting for summer found it this week here in the St. Croix Valley.  After a couple of days of humidity, we enjoyed a few really beautiful days with sun, breezes and warm temperatures.

As most readers know by now, the dates on the Baileyville water bills were misprints. The price of water in Baileyville remains the same and the payments will still be expected quarterly. 

I was surprised to read in the Calais Advertiser that one of the Calais city councilors thought that this might be a good time to discuss consolidation of the Woodland and Calais schools now that the Woodland schools are in such bad shape structurally speaking.  This cannot be a representative of the same city that refused to consider consolidation only a few years ago. At that time Calais wanted to go it alone and be a stand-alone school district. Although I would not favor the plan, maybe it is time for a change in attitude between the two municipalities. 

The children of Calvin White organized a ninetieth birthday party for him last Saturday at the Spednic Club. Calvin had a chance to see many of his friends and relatives. His siblings Charlie White and Viola Dwelley attended along with brothers-in-law Ralph Flood (from Cooper) and Rolfe Flood (from Bangor)  as well as approximately one hundred other relatives and friends..  All seven of Calvin’s children were in on the plans and attended the party. Granddaughter Kallie White made a three-tiered birthday cake with a snowmobile theme.  Snowmobiling is one of Calvin’s favorite pastimes.

The planning/building committee of Woodland school system met last week and aside from committee members only two others were there.  I am not sure if the word is not getting out on the meetings or if nobody cares what happens.  By the looks of the reports from the group that studied the buildings, something has to happen.

Special hellos are going out this week to the following: Iris Brown, Carla Wheelock, Stephen and Nancy Lincoln, Nick Leighton, Trudy Poole, Ron Carpenter, Vivian Scott, Gladys McCray, Dick Carroll, Bob Norman and anyone else who needs a lift. 

While I was at the Old School House restaurant in Princeton last week, I saw two former students from freshman English classes.  Their names then were Linda Smiley and Cindy Schedel.  I do not know what their names are now and I seem to be a bit shaky on the spelling of Cindy’s last name.

The Robbinston Historical Society members are holding tours at the Grace Chapel on the next five Thursdays from 9-12 a.m. (These Open Houses will begin July 27 and coffee will be available.) These Open Houses will be the first of several activities planned for the remainder of the year.

The Timber Creek concert, a benefit for the Lincoln Family of Perry, was a tremendous success with approximately people attending.  The four members of Timber Creek had Gerry Durant from Pembroke sing a couple of songs. Everyone involved in this concert, the band, the attendees and the organizers were very happy with all aspects of the Timber Creek concert.

Any belated contributions for the Lincoln Family Benefit Fund may be sent to Treasurer, Perry Congregational Church, Shore Road, ME 04671 ATT: Lincoln Family Benefit Fund.

The next two items came to me through Ann Carter even though they concern events in Robbinston. The first is that Helen Brooks and her daughter Mary are holding a Summer Bible School at the Sewall Memorial Congregational Church (across Route 1 from the Redclyffe) every Monday throughout the summer.  There have been about 10 or so children attending so far but if any others are interested, they may call Helen at 454-7409 for further information and to make sure that there has not been a change of plans for any particular Monday.

The second event concerns Darlene McConnell who lives on the Lake Road in the former Ray Boyden place.  Since her husband passed, Darlene needs to sell her house and move to Calais.  Therefore, she plans to “downsize” and has been trying to have a yard sale at her house.  Unfortunately, her yard sale kept getting rained out.  Now she, with her friend Kathy, have asked  and received permission to hold the sale at the Sewall meeting house (across from Route 1). The proceeds will be used to help with the move in addition to finding new homes for her possessions, which include various clothing items and knickknacks as well as household items.  For more information, call Darlene at 726-4070.