Town News


Sally Doten



Not much going on in the village this week. I really had to search for what I have to share, so here goes.

I do know that there are two new families in town, one is renting the Olsson home on Front Street; the other family purchased the Tupper home on Route 1. I hope to meet them next week and welcome them to Baring.

Duane and Crystal McLellan are at Storyland in New Hampshire sharing a good time with the kids, Casey and Sydney.

Our granddaughter Shannon called Friday night to tell us she and her husband, Scot Vachon, were climbing Mount Katahdin.  I can’t even climb up stairs and she’s climbing a mountain. This must be a “generation gap.”

Congratulations to Don Barnes on his retirement. Don was the automotive teacher at St. Croix Vocational Center at Calais High School.  He has really started enjoying this relaxed lifestyle. I met him the other day and he was riding his motorcycle. I have know Don for over 20 years and this was a first I knew that he had a bike.  Have a happy retirement, Don, you have earned it.

And now for a one sentence history lesson. Did you know that Baring and Upper Mills shared the first bridge across the St. Croix River?

So this is all I know for this week. I need phone calls or emails to keep me updated on all activities. We will talk again next week; maybe I’ll know more by then.

Stay safe; enjoy your week.