Street Dance - A Fun Party

By Kaileigh Deacon


What better way to start the International Festival Festivities than to have a giant block party open to both sides of the Border? 

The Calais Fire Association’s Street Dance has been a long time festival hit with kids of all ages from both sides of the border. 

Initially the street dance took place on the same section of Main Street where the Parade and Street fair are as well; from the street light toward the movie theater. For the last decade or so the Dance has moved to the parking lot between the City Building and the Second Baptist Church on Church Street in Calais. 

The event features a live DJ, this year’s will be Jamie Bohanon of Woodland. Bohanon keeps the music going and the dance-goers involved all night long with fun commentary and fun music. 

The street dance is a fun and safe way to get out and enjoy the summer evening. It also allows kids the chance to meet up with their friends and to meet some new ones. Even if a lot of dancing doesn’t take place it’s still a fun night for everyone. 

There is no age limit but the dance is geared toward kids and teenagers. Parents are welcome to come as well to keep an eye on their movin’ and groovin’ youngsters. The Street Dance will be held on Wednesday August 9 from 8pm-11pm. Come on down and rock, dab, electric slide, or any of your favorite dance moves and kick off the International Festival.