Washington County Community College and Calais Regional Hospital Partner for Student Healthcare Camp

The students that attended WCCC's healthcare camp, held in partnership with Calais Regional Hospital, had the opportunity to mix and administer IV solutions on patient simulators, along with a variety of other healthcare-related activities.

In any field that involves hands-on work, there is no better way to determine if you’re suited for the work itself without experiencing the associated hands-on activities. Eight area high school students had the opportunity to experience the healthcare environment directly during Washington County Community College’s Healthcare Camp, held on Wednesday, July 12th. 

The camp began at WCCC, with students taking vital signs on the college’s life-size simulators, administering injections, and performing other phlebotomy-related tasks. After lunch, students traveled to Calais Regional Hospital, where they learned how to mix IV solutions in the hospital’s pharmacy. In the radiology lab, students learned how to identify body parts and to problem solve issues that are commonly presented by patients. Students were then invited to explore the laboratory of the hospital in-depth, including getting a close look at germs through the hospital’s microscopes. In the respiratory unit, students were able to experience respiratory testing from both the patient and caregiver perspective. Throughout the day, students were encouraged to ask questions, with a sticker rewarded for every question and a $25 Visa gift card granted to the most inquisitive student. 

“It’s all been really good,” said Alyssa, a student that moved here recently from Arizona. “It’s opened up our eyes. There’s a lot to do.” Alyssa pointed out the phlebotomy activities as among her favorite ones of the day. “We had to look for a vein, do a tourniquet, draw some blood, prevent the wound from bleeding, and take out the needle.” 

This is the first time that Calais Regional Hospital has partnered with WCCC for a healthcare camp. “When we heard the college was doing it, we volunteered to help out,” said Sarah Loman, Vice Present of Human Resources for the hospital. “It takes a village to raise a child, so if we can help in any way – such as by helping them find a career path – we’re glad to do it.”

Loman said that there are many paths open to students considering a career in the healthcare environment aside from directly administering care to patients. “I don’t know how to take care of a patient, but I know how to do things to help people that take care of patients,” she explained. Individuals that enjoy math will find a home in the accounting department, while those that enjoy culinary arts can consider the cafeteria. The clerical-minded are well-suited to patient registration, while the mechanically-abled are welcomed in the maintenance department. “There are all sorts of career opportunities in healthcare.”


“Many people think of doctors and nurses when they think about healthcare careers, but there are dozens of different job opportunities in healthcare,” said Cindy Moholland, WCCC’s Medical Assisting instructor. “Today, these students got to learn a little more about them.”