Alexander Grange Hall Hosts Arts and Craft Show

Manning the booth for wooden toys donated to the Alexander Grange is Elizabeth McVicar. Local arts and crafts vendors gathered at the grange for the Artisans at the Grange event over the weekend. (Photo by Natalie Scott)

By Natalie Scott


On Saturday, August 5th, the Alexander community and its visitors gathered at the Grange Hall for the Artisan Craft Festival. The show began at 10am and ran until 2:00 p.m. Booths were set up inside the hall with various items up for sale. The show included many paintings, animals made of wool, homemade soap bars, button jewelry, as well as all natural liquid soap, fresh cucumbers, wooden toys, garlic and more. No admittance fee was asked, nor was there a charge for a booth. All were welcome at the arts and crafts show. 

Elizabeth McVicar ran the booth of wooden toys that were featured in the show. There was a tractor, a dump-truck, some tag-along toys, and a train. “These were donated to the Grange by the Pagel family,” said Rhonda Oakes, who is in the comity. The prices of the wooden pieces ranged from $25 to $60. Oakes also mentioned what happens to the toys that are not sold at the craft show. “What we don’t sell, and if we don’t sell any today, what we’re going to do is use them in October. We’re going to have a supper and a Chinese Auction, and they’ll be auctioned off during the Chinese Auction.”

Artist Greg Holst also joined in at the arts and craft show. He set up his paints, brushes, and canvases at the Grange Hall to create masterpieces throughout the day for shoppers. Various acrylic paintings were up for sale, from deer to a lighthouse, to birds. Holst had a painting there for everyone. Each painting that was sold came in a frame to protect it. 

Snacks and beverages were also available for shoppers that were hungry during the show. Hotdogs, chips, homemade goodies, and more were available throughout the day.

The Artisan Craft Festival got the community together and helped local vendors get their names and products to a new audience.