Baileyville Fire Destroys Trailer and Hospitalizes Resident

A home in Baileyville is a total loss following a fire on Tuesday morning. Firefighting crews from Baileyville, Calais, and Princeton responded and were able to contain the blaze. The occupant of the home has been hospitalized. (Photos from Baileyville Fire Department)

By Lura Jackson


A fire in the early morning of Tuesday, August 1st quickly claimed a trailer home in Baileyville and sent its resident to the hospital. The fire took place in the Ponderosa Trailer Park off of Route 1. While the resident’s trailer and vehicle are a complete loss, fire crews managed to contain and minimize the blaze to prevent it from spreading.

 “It was fully engulfed when we arrived,” said John Mcphee, Chief of the Baileyville Volunteer Fire Department. Mcphee estimated that the fire had been burning for about 15 minutes before fire crews arrived. Firefighting teams from Baileyville, Calais, and Princeton responded. The fire was called in by a passing ambulance from Indian Township, the crew of which assisted Downeast EMS with the resident once they were safely away from the blaze. 

The resident experienced minor injuries and scrapes as a direct result of the fire, Mcphee said. At some point during the evening the resident suffered a stroke. They were treated initially at Calais Regional Hospital but were sent to a hospital in Bangor for additional care.

The cause of the fire has not yet been identified, Mcphee said, but the Baileyville Fire Department Volunteers are working with the Fire Marshall to determine how it originated. “It was a pretty cut and dry structure fire,” said Mcphee of the incident.