Baileyville Receives $500,000 Infrastructure Grant


The town of Baileyville is among several recipients across Maine of an infrastructure grant from the Northern Border Regional Commission [NBRC]. Baileyville will be receiving $500,000 to fund Phase II of the Town’s ongoing infrastructure improvements project and will replace 3,500 linear feet of leaking sewer system piping along Broadway.

“In order for our communities in Maine to prosper and create the necessary environment to grow jobs and allow businesses to prosper, they must have the ability to modernize and improve their infrastructure,” said Congressman Poliquin, a member of the Congressional Northern Border Caucus. “Whether it be fixing a sewer system, supporting efforts to revitalize local attractions for tourism, or reconstructing pedestrian sidewalks, infrastructure development is key to our communities’ success. I’m tremendously pleased our communities across the State of Maine will be receiving this important support.”

The NBRC was created by the US Congress in 2008 and is a Federal-State partnership whose mission is to help alleviate economic distress throughout the northern counties of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York.

The NBRC’s 2017 Economic & Infrastructure Development Investment Award program is providing almost $9 million in grants to projects in the NBRC’s four-state service area. This year’s round was particularly competitive as the NBRC Federal-State partnership received 107 applications seeking $28.4 million in funds. This is the largest amount of requests in the Commission’s history.