Town News


Sally Doten



How was your week? I hope you accomplished all you wanted. Me? I can’t remember last week; my mind, for the most part, is a complete blur. And life goes on.

This area was saddened Saturday to learn of the death of Kassadi Gidney. Kassi is the 20 year old daughter of Jeff and Heather Gidney and the granddaughter of Sharon Waycott. Kassi was killed in a tragic car accident on Bailey Hill. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. No parents should have to endure the loss of a child but it does happen and our hearts are broken.

It’s a bird? It’s a plane? It’s Superman? No, it’s none of these. That man you see running down Route 1 everyday at different hours is Greg Smith. Greg will be competing in his first marathon later this summer. Good luck with the race.

Kaloua Cookson has been transferred to a rehab facility in Boston as she recuperates from her recent surgery. She will be there for awhile until her strength returns and she is able to return home. If you would like to send a card it will have to be sent to her home at 137 Route 1, Baring ME 04694. She is not able to receive mail because of the many germs that may be on the envelopes, paper, etc. She is still being protected from outside sources that could cause an infection.

Welcome to Baring Andrew and Jessica Moores and their four little ones: Shaylee, Naveah, Andi Jo, and Lilianna. We hope you enjoy our little neighborhood.

If you want to know what’s going on just drop into Tim Horton’s on Thursday mornings about 9:30. You will see several ladies there enjoying breakfast and chit-chatting about life in general. Last week I met Carolyn Furlong, Susan McCoubrey, Eleanor Clark, and a couple more that I can’t remember. But the interesting thing was when I walked by their table I noticed a man had joined the group. Dana Brooker, would you like to share this meeting with my readers? You know how curious people can be.

Mark, Brenda, and Jacob Hornbrook along with Caden Williams enjoyed southern Maine over the weekend. While there they are visiting their daughter Alicia and grandson Brydger. I think they might also have enjoyed Splashtown in Saco too. I heard Mark enjoyed the giant water slide. I really should have pictures of these events.

And this brings an end to another week of excitement in downtown Baring. I hope to share more in another week but reporting is only as good as my memory.

Stay safe, be well.