Town News


Sharon Frost



The summer is quickly moving on, the trees are  green and filled out, gardens are growing slowly, no rain, been lots of suppers, concerts, breakfasts and parades. No one should have been bored. The little ones are getting excited to ride the bus for school.

Earl Boyd is recuperating at the Maine Veterans’ Home on 44 Hogan Rd., Bangor, He would enjoy your cards.

Barbara Kendall has moved to her new home in Eastport, the Chadbourne House, a beautiful place. She has received several visits from her friends.

Sympathy to Paul Crawford and wife Suzanne on the loss of his sister, Rosella Lagerquist.

Ken Hogan has been visiting his brother Ed and helping him out after his surgery. He has returned home.

Celebration of Eldon Libby’s life is being held on Saturday, August  12th at 10:00 a.m. at People’s United Methodist Church in Baileyville.

St. Anne’s Festival Market Day was a perfect day.  There was lots of food to sell, raffle tickets, candies, crocheted items, coffee and muffins. The church did very well in this event.

A public picnic supper will be August 19th at 5:30 p.m. at St. Anne’s. There will be lots of good food.

Honored and blessed - The Hyssongs were honored to receive two Top 10 Fan nominations from the Singing News Fan. Top album of the year and Top 10 trio of the year.

Mr. Mike, you’ve done a wonderful job with the flags, the cemetery is at its best. We thank you.

On August 15th, our favorite couple will be at the Green - Ken and Jane Brooks. We will see you there!

Pat Yardley, sister Judy,  daughter Lori and a friend enjoyed a wonderful trip to PEI. Great weather and lots of site seeing.

Cut the cake: Michael Tickle, Vince Dineen, Fred Becker, Bill Gordon, Judy McAlpine, DeeDee Travis, Jeff Sherrard, Bruce Pierce, Carol Kavanaugh, Robert O’Brien, Megan Sprague, David Sivret, Emma Kneeland, Mary Brown.

Anniversary wishes: Patsy and David Beckett, Rick and Patti Sears, Ray and Heather Smale, Duncan and Flo McGeachy. Fran and old John Cody. Ron and Lorraine (Anie) Voutour.

The 12th Annual NB Wood Carving competition is August 11 - 13th at the Sir James Dunn Academy in St. Andrews and is open to the public.

Lots of events, lunches, music, parade, craft and sales, Lioness super draws and much more. Enjoy the best of summer.

Lavender oil and yogurt mixed together help in treating sunburns. Also cool cucumbers are soothing wiped onto the skin.

August 11th Dog Days end.

Have a safe, fun festival week.