Editor's Desk - Looking Forward Together

As the newly-appointed editor, it seemed appropriate to say ‘hello’ and briefly introduce myself. Many of you will recognize me already as I have been writing for the Calais Advertiser since 2013. In that time, I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with hundreds of community members around the St. Croix Valley in a journalistic capacity.

Though I am “from away” – Oklahoma, to be specific – I grew up in Eastport and graduated from Shead. After spending time in New Orleans, then returning to Maine and living in Newport and Belfast, my husband and I moved to Calais in 2008. I have since become involved with a variety of local organizations.

The people of Downeast Maine are caring, colorful, bold, and brazenly independent. Every person I have the opportunity to meet has a personal story that adds to the tapestry of this unique community. I am truly honored to carry on the tradition of sharing those stories with readers in The Calais Advertiser, a paper that is itself a historic establishment.

Even though we live in an area steeped in tradition, we are living in a rapidly changing time. As such, consider this column to be a touchstone for a weekly perspective of events here in the valley. I look forward to serving you as editor and hope that you’ll be in touch by sending your thoughts to lura@thecalaisadvertiser.com.  

Lura Jackson