Golf - Border Electric Golf Tournament

Veteran swing at the tee from Nick DelMonaco, Jr. (Photo by John Rogers).


James Macdonald Wins Everett Meader Memorial


James Macdonald shot a strong 68 on Saturday to win the 2017 Everett Meader Memorial Golf Tournament at the St. Croix Country. Drake Morrow posted a solid 72 to earn second place in the 18-hole event. In the Sunday Family Scramble the Smith Family took the honors carding a fine 7-under-par. Many thanks are extended to Border Electric for supporting this popular annual tournament. 


Men’s 1st Division: 4th net- (68n) Pat Ellis                   4th gross- (74g) Steve Estey

                                 3rd net- (67n) Dennis Owen          3rd gross- (72g) John Marchese

                                 2nd net- (67n) Josh Thornton        2nd gross- (70g) Drake Morrow

                                 1st net- (65n) Bob Davis                1st gross- (68g) James Macdonald

                                                                                                 (Overall Tourney Champ)


Men’s 2nd Division: 4th net- (69n) Nick DelMonaco    4th gross-(80g) Darin Hill

                                   3rd net- (67n) Beau Scott              3rd gross- (79g) Joe Footer

                                   2nd net- (67n) Artie Hinton           2nd gross- (77g) Sean Ellis

                                   1st net- (66n) Joe Smith                1st gross- (77g) Stephen Smith


Men’s 3rd Division: 4th net- (72n) Ed Nicholas            4th gross- (86g) Bob Tracy 

                                  3rd net- (69n) Joey Craig              3rd gross- (85g) Peter Repole

                                  2nd net- (66n) Andy Ramsdell      2nd gross- (83g) John Charters

                                  1st net- (62n) Bob Bowen             1st gross- (82g) Tom Hendershot


Ladies’ Division: 2nd net- (68n) Chrys Landrigan  2nd gross- (94g) Sandy Wentworth

                                  1st net- (67n) Marcia Carlow       1st gross- (88g) Darlene Horne


Junior Division: 1st net- (79n) Shane DelMonaco  1st gross- (108g) Luca Scarpati


Long Drive: Juniors- Gavin Bowen    Ladies-  Theresa Wright   Men- Drake Morrow


Closest Pins: #1- Drake Morrow 2'10”  #6- Sean Ellis 4'  #8- Beau Scott 7'5”


Sunday Family Scramble:

Long Drive- Juniors- Gavin Bowen Ladies- Julie McPhee Men- Jason Redding

Closest Pin #6- Juniors- Lauren Smith  Ladies- Karen Clark  Men- Jason Redding


Winning Scramble Team: (-7) 

                   Brook Smith, Lauren Smith, Sadie Smith, Stephen Smith,

                   Jonathan Smith, Val Smith, Sheridan Smith, Joe Smith and John Smith.


Darrin Constant putting while Jason Redding and Joey Craig look on. (Photo by John Rogers).


Fairway shot by Jason Redding in Everett Meader Memorial Tournament. (Photo by John Rogers).