International Festival Kings and Queens Crowned

Showing off their new crowns are this year's winners of the International Homecoming Festival Beauty Pageant, held on Saturday, August 5th. (Photo courtesy of Dawn Smith).

By Lura Jackson


Each year, just before the International Homecoming Festival, a beauty pageant is held to select the Kings and Queens for the coming event. The pageant is a major fundraiser for the Homecoming Festival, and the Kings and Queens assist with various festival-related events. This year’s pageant was held on Saturday, August 5th.

The winners for this year are as follows: Baby Girl, Ella Ramsdell; Baby Boy, Cai Austin; Wee Miss, Raya Hooper; Wee Mister, Rhyan Dudley; Little Miss, Ella Kinney; Little Mister, Gabriel Olsson; Young Mister, Hayden Lovejoy; La Petite, Macy Morton; Preteen, Daphne Hart; Teen, J-Lynn Zrae Beal; Ms, Arlene Frye; Grand Supreme, Kendra Stanley.