Town News

Linda Baniszeski 


 There was an important Environmental Protection Agency public meeting Wednesday, August 9, at Meddybemps Community Center.  Unfortunately, information was received too late for inclusion in last week’s Meddybemps news.  I attended the meeting and will report the outcome(s) in the August 17 Meddybemps News.  Here is the information received from Maine EPA:  

“Invitation to EPA Public Meeting for the Eastern Surplus Company Superfund Site in Meddybemps, Maine.  On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Meddybemps Community Hall in Meddybemps, Maine, EPA will hold an informational public meeting to explain the proposed changes to the remedy at the Eastern Surplus Company Superfund Site and solicit public feedback.”

Please note, although individuals may not have attended the above referenced meeting, there is still time to have your thoughts known.  “In addition, EPA will be accepting comments on the proposed ESD from August 9, 2017 through September 8, 2017.  Comments may be sent to Terrence Connelly, EPA Project Manager at  

 “The ESD will become part of the Administrative Record for the Eastern Surplus Company Superfund Site and will be available for public review in the site repositories located at the EPA Region, 1 Record Center, 5 Post Office Square in Boston, Massachusetts and at the Maine Department of Environmental Protection BRWM File Room, Ray Building, 28 Tyson Drive, Augusta, Maine or may be accessed online at

 “For more information, please contact: Terrence Connelly, EPA Project Manager at 617 918-1373 Toll fee: 1-888-372-7341 ext. 8-1373 Email or Sarah White, EPA Community Involvement Coordinator at 617-918-1026 Toll free: 1-888-372-7341 ext. 8-1026.”

In local news Happy Birthday wishes are extended to Carolyn Furlong celebrating her special day on August 11, Bill Doten, Jr. (12), Bob Gordon (13), Pat Dineen (16) and Jeff Brown (17).

Meddybemps Historical Society’s annual meeting was held in July.  A small group faithfully conducts geneological research, organizes existing records, gathers town history and materials from interested parties with ties to the community and issues “The Meddybempster” featuring historical town findings and histories about early residents.  The July issue of “The Meddybempster” features Gardner, Gallison and Bridges families and related photos and documents.  Among the plethora of interesting facts in this issue is that John Bridges was Postmaster when mail was brought to Meddybemps by stagecoach.  He was a soldier in the Civil War.  He died September 1914 at the age of 84 years and 4 months.  For more interesting facts like these contact Paulyne Ward to become part of the Historial Society and receive “The Meddybempster.”

In wildlife news, a notice was received titled; “Be Alert for Illegal Fish Entering/Exiting Meddybemps Lake” from Gregory Burr,
 Regional Fisheries Biologist Grand Lakes Region Jonesboro, Maine 04648 (207) 434-5925, regarding invasive species of fish being illegally introduced into Meddybemps and other Maine Lakes. According to Gregory Burr, Regional Fisheries Biologist, “the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is finding that Large Mouth Bass are being moved around Washington County at an exponential rate.  Black Crappie are also being illegally stocked into new ponds from west to east in Hancock County and are likely headed our way. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is monitoring the progression of these non-native, invasive species. Maps documenting these changes are located in the species management plans on the Department’s website:  To report an invasive fish transfer, District Game Warden in our area is Joe Gardner at 207-557-1685.  Brad Richard, a nearby Game Warden, can be contacted at 2017-557-0987. Or call the Warden Dispatch at 207-941-4470 during the week.”

The lake level is rapidly decreasing. Although we had a good rain Saturday night, it was not enough to put a dent in water losses.  Be careful boating out on the lake, as some dangerous rocks are now much closer to the surface.  Much of this is associated with low spring and summer rains and related run-off into the lake, evaporation due to many consistently sunny days and hot temperatures and possible issues with the dam from Meddybemps Lake into Denny’s River.  

The thunder storm Saturday night was quite a wild one.  The flashing and booming throughout the night kept Scuffy shaking, crying, trying to hide in and out of closets, under the bed and curling up behind the toilet.  It kept me up and down trying to give her comfort.   Sunday, we were both dragging after the sleepless night, much like a night filled with fireworks.  At least they come to an end; and this storm went into the early morning hours.  We really needed the rain.  The grass over our septic tank is browning -- an indicator of much needed rainfall.  Erma Bombeck titled a book, “The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank.”  But, not in these parts this summer with the shortage of rain.

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