Pets Corner

This week I want to talk about inflammation in your pet’s body and the foods and additives that both cause and aggravate it. The two biggest causes of joint pain and inflammation in dogs and cats are: 1) grains (especially flour) and 2) artificial coloring. 


Most commercial dry (and many wet) pet foods are made with flour and artificial colors. Dog biscuits and other treats can cause not only obesity – which in and of itself is dangerous to your pet’s overall health – but also stiffness, inflammation, and pain. These conditions become exacerbated if your pet is overweight. 

We all love our pets. Sometimes we are tempted to overfeed our pets for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately we’re not doing our pets any favors. Dogs and cats are horizontal creatures and rely on all four legs to keep them healthy. When their body weight becomes too heavy a load for their legs to bear, pain and ill health set in. Further complicating this pain is the grains and artificial colors that wreak havoc on their joints. We then resort to feeding our pets medications to combat their discomfort. These medications are dangerous and loaded with unwanted side-effects. They introduce into our pets’ bodies a whole slew of new illnesses. Of course we don’t want that. We want our pets to be as healthy as they can be. We want them to live long, happy, healthy lives. So it makes sense to be careful of what we expose them to.

Simply feeding our pets a healthy diet that their bodies are meant to digest will help them live a longer, healthier life and combat pain and inflammation. A raw food diet is the healthiest, but higher grade pet foods also help keep your pets healthy, along with a good supplement such as Chondroitin. Your local Veterinarian can recommend a high quality diet for your pets, as can your local pet supply store.