Baileyville and Princeton Youth Prepare for Kickball Rematch

Participants in last year's kickball game between the Baileyville Dragons and the Princeton Bombers had such an excellent time competing against each other that a rematch has been scheduled for August 25th. (Submitted photo)

By Lura Jackson


Last year, a team of children and adolescents from Baileyville – representing the Dragons – ventured to Princeton to play against a similarly composed team of Bombers to test their kickball prowess against one another. With the Dragons emerging from that encounter with a close-fought win, the Bombers have issued the call for a rematch, to be held on Friday, August 25th at Glidden Field in Baileyville.

“The teams will consist of just as many kids as we can get from each side, all playing the field at once while the other team kicks,” stated coordinator and Baileyville Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons. Parents will be the umpires, and Fitzsimmons is hopeful that the same senior citizen cheerleaders that attended last year will be present at this year’s match as well. Trophies for the winning time will be supplied by Jamie Bohanon. 

This year’s match is being sponsored by Down East Credit Union, which is providing and cooking hot dogs and fixings for children and attendees, and Calais Regional Hospital, which is providing drinks and chips. With Baileyville Recreation Director Michael Boies on board, the concession stand and bathrooms will be open during the match as well.

“We try to promote many things with our kids here in Woodland,” shared Fitzsimmons in support of the match between the two groups of children, which was organized in partnership with Meredith Carle, Princeton’s Recreation Director. “I am sure it will pay dividends down the road.” Fitzsimmons warmly invites the public to the event. “Come on down and play or hang out and watch. I can guarantee a dinner and a show.”