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Sally Doten



The very first thing on this week’s agenda is to say, “I make a mistake last week.” Greg Smith is running a half marathon, not the full 26 miles.  Can you imagine running 13 miles? I will cheer him on when he crosses the finish line.

Congratulations to Greg and Candy Bridges and Paul and Chris Drew. They are new grandparents courtesy of Tim and Brittany Drew. A new baby boy (Weston) arrived about 8 weeks early to everyone’s surprise; mom and baby are doing fine. Big brother Mason is excited to have “his baby!”

Sorry to learn of the passing of Clifford McPhee. Kippy lived up the street with wife Gilda. I understand he had been very sick for a few weeks. My sympathy goes out to his family.

On Wednesday I had a great day in St. Andrews visiting with Karen Hastings. Not to be selfish and enjoying the view alone, Wanda Brown and Judy Antoniello tagged along with me. Karen prepared a beautiful lunch with ice cream for dessert. A fun afternoon with good friends.

Eddie and Evelyn Noddin have returned home after spending a few days in Appleton. While there they attended a family wedding and enjoyed meeting old friends.

Just learned last week that Bertha Johnson is a resident at the Stillwater Avenue Rehab/Nursing Center in Bangor. Your Baring neighbors are thinking of you, Bertha.

Beth Doten spent two days in Holden. She was the official “dog sitter” for Sophia. Son Dale Wunder had to be out of town and Sophia didn’t want to stay alone, so Beth was off to the rescue.

Is it ever going to rain again? I don’t mean to wish bad weather on anyone but the ground is very dry and the wells need to be filled. Guess we don’t have to worry about mowing as the lawns have turned a lovely shade of brown.Let’s hope for a couple of rainy days.

I enjoyed a very short visit from Diane (Doten) Peek. She dropped by Saturday night to spend a few minutes. She was home to attend her 50-year class reunion. She will fly back to Texas on Monday.

Did everyone have a great week? We have certainly had the right weather to enjoy the outdoor activities. Some days I wish for a camp on a lake, other days I’m just happy to be in my little home. I think if I was 20-30 years younger I would really be begging Jim to buy something on a lake but not so much now. I can’t keep this place clean let alone trying to care for two. As I grow older I find myself happier with less. I think this is how it’s supposed to be.

Sending good thoughts to: Ann Brackett, Judy Antoniello, Sharon Waycott, Edna McLellan,  Kaloua Cookson, and Ken Dickenson.

Stay well, my friends. I’ll be back next week with more “exciting” news.