Capital Campaign - Save The Children Maternity Residence

I am writing to you to solicit your endorsement and financial support for a proposal to create a non-profit maternity residence for pregnant young women for our Lewiston-Auburn area.  The pro-life movement and anti-abortion campaigns have reduced the number of abortions; however, there is more to be done.  In 2015, the latest data available, there were 5 abortions per day for a total of 1,836 for the year in Maine.  My assumption is the abortions that were prevented occurred when the pregnant young lady finally had the resources from family or friends to help her.    To reduce abortions even further we need to provide resources for young women who may be dissuaded from having an abortion by providing the resources necessary for her to feel she would have hope for herself and her baby.  Such a program would enhance respecting life and provide a haven for a pregnant mother and her children, helping these young families move toward a new life of financial independence, healthy living, education and fostering a culture of life.  

As Grand Knight of the Auburn Knights of Columbus, I was intrigued by the article about the MiroVia College-Maternity program in the June issue of the Columbia.

This proposal is for creating a non-profit facility in our area for unexpected pregnancy with a free nonjudgmental, non-denominational admittance policy for up to two years of residency, counseling services, life skill classes, child care resources, ability for education continuance and home environment nurturing.

The Agora Grand Event Center in Lewiston, which was originally St. Patrick parish buildings, has recently been put on the market for $1.2 million.

The advantages of the property include the former rectory which has five suites, with an additional two rooms that could be converted providing space for up to seven mothers and their infants.  On the third floor there is a suite for a resident manager.  Most importantly, the Event Center would provide a source of yearly income for the total residency program which would eliminate annual fund raising requirements.  The 2017 projected cash budget is for income of $224,000 with a net of $97,580 available for the maternity residency program.

A capital fundraising program would be initiated to raise $1,350,000 to fund the purchase of the facility and a $150,000 operating reserve fund.

If you know of anyone who would be a major benefactor please pass this on to them. Any financial help you may provide to help save His children and to bring this project to fruition will be greatly appreciated.

Donald Michaud