Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


We enjoyed a few rainy days and days with showers last week.  The rains mostly cleared off for the International Festival afternoon, but the mornings were a bit damp.  On Sunday we had a down pour here at the farm, but other areas north of here did not get any rain. My tomatoes have settled in with just the right amount of rain.  They are turning orange and soon will get that red color that means they are ready.  On the other hand, my cucumbers are just really healthy plants with no signs of cucumbers.  There will always be next year.

The members of the People’s United Methodist Church were hosted at Marion Hunnewell’s cottage on Pleasant Lake for a picnic/cookout on Sunday.  Participants said the skies darkened, but they really did not have a big problem with the weather.  The rumbles of thunder drove the kids out of the lake, but it did not last long. Ron McAlpine volunteered to be the head chef of the grill and everyone pitched in to donate food. 

The Class of 1967 from Calais Memorial High School took the opportunity of the International Festival to gather for their 50th reunion. They enjoyed a banquet at the St. Croix Country Club on Friday evening and then had a float in the parade on Saturday. In Calais for the reunion were (maiden names only) Christine Dodge,  Mary Ellen Russell from Wyoming, Jean Perry of Ohio as well as John Curran, Jerry LaPointe, Betty Redding, Phil Phee, Billy Cassidy, Joanne Gaddis, Carroll Wallace, Tony DiCenzo, Nick Delmonico, Mike and Debbie Sherrad and many more I cannot remember. The class had a great picture taken of attendees.  I think they counted twenty-four classmates present along with their spouses and significant others.

Lulu made friends with my cousin, Jean Perry Elsmore while she stayed here on the farm. She (Lulu) was a bit depressed when Jean left Sunday for Sebago Lake, but I told her Linda would be here next weekend so she is now anticipating another visit.

Former Woodland Dragons from the Class of 1977 gathered at several sites for their fortieth class reunion last weekend. Sources reported that seventeen members of the class were available for part or all of the events. The following members attended (maiden names only): Heidi Campbell, Butch Hanson, Jay White, Mike Robb, Dawn Seavey, Valerie Wallace, Nancy Perkins, Kathy Finch, Terry Olivares, Tammy Gillespie, Tammy Shirley, Jeannie Melanson, Bob Ferry, Christie Bailey, Jimmy Robinson, Lori Wheelock and Laura Leighton.  Their first activity was at the Leighton Farm in Woodland and then they met again at the restaurant in Princeton for breakfast.  Lori Wheelcok, Tammy Shirley and Laura Leighton provided the impetus for the reunion.  Welcome back to the old town. I hope you shared as many laughs this weekend as you did in your school days.

Special hellos are going out this week to Arlene McLaughlin, who had an accident last week.  Thankfully, no one was hurt in the crash. Rachel Hamilton took a short trip down her cellar stairs and although she did not break anything, she is in some pain today.  Mike and Marilyn Trafton are doing better, but they are still taking their time getting around.  Pastor Randy Chretien is back on the pulpit after recovering from open heart surgery. Several former Baileyville residents are now residing in the Eastport Memorial Nursing Facility: Margaret Graham, Gloria Smith, Elvira Farrar and Beverly Crosby. The address is Eastport Memorial Nursing Home, 23 Boyton Street, Eastport, ME 04631.

Get well wishes are also being sent to Bud McAlpine, Eleanor Lambert, Phil Allen and Billy Brown.

The newly renovated sub shop (formerly Border Town Subz) on Main Street opened during the International Festival.  The owners are trying a whole new menu and hoping that customers will give their meals a try.

Pastor Ron Windhorst reports that the first year of the annual chicken barbecue dinner at Dennysville was held in 1844.  They were first held at the Academy/Vestry where they now have the Dennysville River Historical Society Museum.  Later the dinners were held at the old Youth Center which is now the Melinda Jaques gallery/studio. This year’s annual chicken barbecue at the Dennysville-Edmunds Parish Hall will be held this coming Saturday (August 19) at 5:00 p.m.

The County Congregational Hymn Sing and Cook-out will be held Sunday, August 27, at 5 p.m. at the Methodist Campground in Jacksonville.  Everyone is welcome.  Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided so bring a dish to share and join the groups.  Extra help with setting up and cleaning up would be appreciated.

Do not forget the Nash-Wolfe Concert to be held at the Perry Congregational Church on Sunday, August 20 at 4:00 p.m. Kevin Birch, the organist from St. John’s Church in Bangor will be featured on the David Wallace organ.

Volunteers are still needed to help carry food for recipients from the Good Shepherd Food Mobile, which will be located in the parking lot behind Shead High School on Tuesday, August 22 from 9:30 a.m. through 11:00 a.m. Anyone may receive up to twenty pounds (or more) of food at this event sponsored by the Greater Ecumenical Churches’ Association through the Labor of Love Nutrition Center.  Call Patti Loring , manager of the Garrapy Food Pantry, at 853-0023 for more information.

Summer residents to the area are discovering that the wifi works from the parking lot of the Lincoln Memorial Library.  Campers at the Cobscook State Park as well as regular summer residents on the salt-water shores and lakes are welcome to use the wifi during regular library hours inside the library or at other times from the parking lot.

Stay safe and have a great week.