Town News


Sally Doten



Well, I bet everyone is anxious to read the Baring news this week. Don’t get too excited because there’s not much going on. I will see what I can make up as I type.

On Saturday, I took two old ladies for a ride. We went to Perry to have ice cream before they close for the season. After enjoying a cone (I had chocolate peanut butter) we headed to Eastport for a tour of the town. It was well worth the trip as we saw an albino deer. I have never seen one before and it was beautiful. Perfectly white, standing with her side to the road, and holding her head very proudly knowing she was been watched.

I was sorry to learn of the passing of Timothy Gaudet of Lisbon, Maine. Tim grew up here in town spending many summers with his grandparents, Bill and Marion Tyler. They lived in the house now owned by Steve and Sheila Cottrell.  Tim died back in February while shoveling snow and trying to work his way out of a snowbank. I didn’t know this until the representative of his estate called me about his burial. Tim now rests with his grandparents, mother and brother. I think he was the last member of the family.

Please keep the people of Texas in your prayers.  People from this area that are experiencing this tragic event are: Rene Pulk and her family formerly of Robbinston; Patrica Manship from Calais; and Diane Doten Peek from Baring. Pat told me that water is surrounding her area but they are still in their home. Diane’s son and wife had to leave their home as the water was at floor level. I didn’t hear from Rene today but only hope she is still in her home. There are no doubt others from this area but these are the ones I know.

While the people in Texas are being flooded, I am looking forward to a couple of rainy days. Since Baring only has private wells rain is a necessity. The ground level of this liquid gold must be very low, and our well is only 25 feet deep. That doesn’t give us much of a reservoir to fall back on. I am now taking my laundry to either the local laundries or to our daughter. I am really concerned that we will run dry soon without a sufficient amount of rain.

Sending our healing thoughts to: Judy Antoniello going to Boston for a heart procedure, Kaloua Cookson (hope she is home soon), our daughter Carol awaiting a knee replacement and Neil Bohanon as his life has drastically changed and he in now in a wheelchair.

See you next week. Stay well.