Town News


Linda Baniszeski 


 Here it is, the end of August already. It has been a beautiful summery month although we could sure use some rain. Texas would probably be very happy to give us a few feet of theirs. Several inches would be nice.

Deepest sympathy upon the passing last winter of summer resident, Ron Denyer, to his wife Joan and their daughters Kim and Lyn and families. We just learned of his passing after a long illness. Joan and her daughters have been enjoying the camp and this nice warm and sunny weather. Kim’s Lasa Apsa, Abby, stayed home with her husband this trip, but her sister Lyn brought along her golden retriever, Levi.

In happier news, best Happy Birthday wishes to Bob Brown on August 30, Lori Leary and Roland Tomash on September 1; and Wendy Kennedy on the 4th. August is usually the busiest month for visitors around here. Sue and Ken Bogden had both of their camps full of guests -- their son Ken and his wife and parents; and Donny and friends from New York before he departs for a new position in Ireland. The Bogdens have also been enjoying a visit this week with her long time friend, Janet and her husband who are here from Texas. They enjoyed a sumptuous lunch at Quoddy Bay Lobster in Eastport. Sue and Janet worked together in New Jersey many years ago.

Janet Wooding and her visiting daughter Martha, from New Jersey, and a visiting granddaughter were surprised by a stray cat looking in the window at the kitchen table. Martha shared, “This cat really wanted to come in for breakfast ... I paused to take a photo and my niece took another. Then I saw a hummingbird trying to get to the feeder so I went out and chased the cat away without further delay so he doesn’t harass my mama or her lovely birds! Perhaps you could put a stray cat sighting in your column. The railing on which it stood is next to the hummingbird feeder.” Hmmm, this peeping tom was probably up to no good until he saw them and made sure with a second look.

We have also had more k-9 visitors again on Coyote Lane. There are often as many of them around here as people, and are an important part of the community. Chris and Mindy Brown were here for a long weekend to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Mindy says “this is their happy place.” Along with them were their pugs Yoda, Buggle Mia, and Mindy’s Dad’s black pug, Chester. This fellow Chester is physically handicapped with perpetually kneeling front legs. Undaunted by this he moves around quite easily and appears to have acclimated himself to his unusual circumstances. Chester is with Mindy and Chris for awhile due to her dad’s inability to care for him.

We really are going to the dogs out here. On Sunday, we met two more dogs,Boston Bulldog residents out for a ride with Sheila and Darin Hill on their pontoon boat. The Hills have been full-time Meddybemps residents for a few years. They originally lived in Baileyville, and also have a camp on Pleasant Lake. Their dogs, Miley and Cyrus happily leapt from their boat into ours when we tied our boats together for an out-on-the-lake visit. This was much to Scuffy’s chagrin. There was a bit of a rumble with lots of growling and flying saliva, but no cuts or bruises.

Terry and Charlie Rier enjoyed guests visiting as well. It was nice to hear the grandchildrens’ laughter as they enjoyed swimming in the lake. Glenn Ball had an island full of guests. Marc and Keith Reynolds were back at their camp, and Corey McCray spent some time doing upkeep at his place.

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