Rival Kickball Game Held in Woodland

Downeast Credit Union was on hand at the Princeton vs. Woodland kickball game on Friday. The Credit Union provided all the food for the event. (Photos by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon


For the second year running, the towns of Woodland and Princeton came together for the annual Princeton vs. Woodland youth kickball game on Friday, August 25th.

The game was started last summer after the two towns had kickball on and off all summer and then got together and decided to have a little competitive game. The Woodland youth came out on top after a close game. With as much fun as everyone had, they decided to make the game an annual event. 

This year’s game was at Glidden Field on Main Street in Woodland. The players were provided with a meal at the field courtesy of local organizations. Down East Credit Union donated all of the food for the game and  were on hand at the kickball game to cook and serve hotdogs. Calais Regional Hospital helped out by donating all the drinks for the game.

The whole night was a family affair with people hanging out and watching the game while the kids played. The game was supposed to be a Princeton vs. Woodland game but when the kids get showed up they weren’t waiting for the adults to get the game organized.They grabbed the ball and divided themselves up. What was supposed to be a game of one town against the other turned out to be a group of kids of all ages playing kickball and having fun. 

“Things like this are great ways to get kids out and having fun,” said Baileyville (Woodland) Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons.