Rock Hunting Hits the Calais Waterfront

There are a lot of rocks that are hidden along the Waterfront Walkway in Calais including the boat landing. Rocks are painted with a scene, character or symbol but all of them are painted with lots of care and love. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon


This summer, all across the country and right here in Calais, there has been a new way to get kids and families outside: rock hunting. Earlier this summer Eastport Rocks started in Eastport and on Facebook and, after the idea took off, it spread. With some help from Angela Coty Demmons and Kelly Moores, the idea of Eastport Rocks came to the Calais Waterfront. 

Like Eastport Rocks, the Calais Waterfront Rocks project also has its participants hiding painted rocks along the walkway for anyone to find and either keep or re-hide. The rocks are all painted by people who want to participate by adding their own creativity. While finders are free to keep any of the rocks they find, the whole idea depends on having enough rocks for kids to find. 

Just like Eastport Rocks, there is a Facebook page for all the rock hunters and hiders to connect with each other. If you log on to the page you can see all the different types of rocks that people have painted and hidden along the walkway. It’s also a way for those who paint rocks to see who finds them and the excitement finding them can bring.

It’s not only kids and families that have gotten involved in painting and hiding rocks, local business have started getting involved as well. So far three business have gotten involved: Joe’s Pizza, the International Motel and Calais Regional Hospital. 

“We wanted to get involved because it gets people out and moving both individually and as a family,” said Dee Dee Travis from Calais Regional Hospital. 

Not only do the kids get the fun of finding all the rocks on the Waterfront, but thanks to the businesses that are participating, they get some extra prizes as well. Kids can receive movie passes, ice cream and pizza but only when they take the right rocks into the businesses to redeem. Always be sure to check with the businesses to make sure that they are real rocks. 

“I really hope that people are finding joy in this. It’s something to do with family and friends, and I hope it expands around town. I love seeing how happy it makes the kids,” Angela Demmons said. 

The summer of rock hunting may be coming to a close but the Waterfront Rocks is only just getting bigger. You can follow Calais Waterfront Rocks on Facebook on the Calais Waterfront Rocks!!! Facebook page.