Second Baptist Church Places Time Capsule Under Bell Stand

Preparing the structure of the bell stand in front of the Second Baptist Church are Mike Francis (top) and Roy Curtis (right). The cement, which was inscribed with "God Save Our World 2017", provided the housing for a time capsule placed on Wednesday, August 23rd. (Photo by Lura Jackson)

By Lura Jackson


If you’ve happened by the Second Baptist Church in Calais recently, you may have noticed a major project underway in front of the church itself. A group of volunteers are in the process of restoring the original bell to functioning condition, a task that has involved the creation of a cement base and a wooden framework that will act as a stand. While in the midst of creating the base, Roy Curtis – who has been instrumental in the bell project – suggested that church members compile a time capsule to be inserted below the bell. Sharon Waycott and Gloria Philips were among those that set about the task of collecting items, and on Wednesday, August 23rd, the time capsule was officially buried. 

The capsule contained a variety of items from the church and the ministry, including the church directory, the most recent bulletin, a copy of Our Daily Bread, a holiday CD from church musicians the Simple Shepherds, devotionals, by-laws, a concert schedule, children’s worship bulletin, a drawing from Caleb Philips, a copy of the Pew Review, a write up of the church history, pictures of various relevant items and places, a church pen, and a copy of the International Festival issue of The Calais Advertiser. Also included was a coin that Waycott found seemingly at random in her home; it reads: “Today, well-lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”

“It’s kind of a wonderful testimony for whoever finds it in the future,” said Pastor Matthew Burden. “They’ll be able to see what our church was like during this period.”

The items were placed inside a tool chest, but it’s not just any tool chest. It belonged to Waycott’s late husband, Paul, and it holds powerful sentimental value as a result. “This makes me feel excited,” Waycott said. “I haven’t been excited for a long time. It’s like a rebirth or something. Part of Paul is going down in history.”

 Since the bell is going to be placed directly on top of the capsule and the cement encasing it, there is no way to tell when it will be found. “Unless something happens to the bell, or if they need to move it, it might be a long time before they find it,” said Philips. The cement beneath the bell was inscribed with “God Save our World 2017” by Mike Francis. 

“It’s something joyful happening amidst all the negative in the world right now,” Philips said, just before the time capsule was placed. 

With the foundation for the bell stand now complete, the wooden framework and the bell itself will soon be joining it. On September 23rd, there will be an official dedication of the bell with a church dinner and a slideshow showcase for all who would like to attend. 

The contents of a time capsule recently placed inside the stand that will host Second Baptist Church's restored bell can be seen here. The items are contained within a tool chest that belonged to the late Paul Waycott. (Photo by Lura Jackson)

Recognized for his efforts toward restoring the original bell at Second Baptist Church was Roy Curtis on Sunday, August 27th. Curtis (left) and his wife, Rosie, received a plaque from "Grampie Bill" and Arlene Gibson during the church service. (Photo by Lura Jackson)