Autumn Arrives in the St. Croix Valley


Fall has made an early entrance, bringing with it a sudden drop in temperature and the associated loss of the less-hearty leaves. Red, orange, and yellow accents are appearing all over the neighborhoods as nature’s paintbrush spreads the colors of the season.

While it isn’t easy to say goodbye to the kinder temperatures and generally easier living of summer, the sudden onset of fall brings with it the nostalgia of all the autumns before it. This is the time of year when all of us, at one point or another, would be heading to school and the smell of wood smoke would hit our noses with its familiar acrid scent. It is when we would begin to prepare for Halloween and its associated festivities leading into the holiday season, and it is when we would bring in our harvest from the summer garden and lay it to rest for the following spring.

The shortening days of fall can be difficult as the darkness encroaches, but they can also be a helpful reminder for us as well. Nature’s constancy is a cycle we can rely on; we can trust in the fact that even as darkness surrounds us, it will, in time, give way to the return of light. If we are willing to listen to that wisdom, it can serve as a guide through any kind of darkness.