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Sally Doten



I want to thank everyone who reads my column on a weekly basis and say “thank you” for your kind remarks. I love to write and I love keeping in touch with each of you. So with that being said I would like to ask for your help with a huge task I’ve taken on. I am trying to help out an elementary school in Texas. Will you help? I am trying to collect school supplies for an elementary school in Humble, Texas. The school was not flooded badly but the students that go there have lost their homes. I would like donations of general school supplies, socks and backpacks. The school will open on September 7 and hope that will put some normalcy back into these young lives. They will distribute all that I send. If you prefer to give cash, I will purchase your items. If you want to send a check to the school make it out to Humble ISD. I will forward everything to the school within the next  two weeks. My mailing address is: 69 Center Street, Baring ME 04694. Items can be dropped off in my living room or at the Second Baptist Church in Calais. The church is usually opened every day except for Tuesdays. Thank you so much. It is my sincere prayer that you will give and remember the scenes you have seen on TV.  I saw one newscast today that a family returned to their home and found an alligator in the dining room. Put yourself in that situation. Thank you.

As usual the other morning, I was sitting in my pajamas sipping my coffee when I looked and saw a very familiar face walking past my house. It was Kaloua Cookson. I was so glad to see that she was home and doing so well. She still wears a mask over her face to keep as germ free as possible and she looks wonderful. What an answered prayer! I can’t imagine a double lung transplant. Welcome home, Kaloua.

Another welcome home to Bertha Johnson who has been in a rehab facility in Bangor. Bertha is doing well with the help of her family. Someone is with her to help with general housekeeping details such as cooking and cleaning. And to you, Bertha, I say, “We are glad you’re home.”

And this, my friends, is it for another week. I wish you would call me with your activities and help me earn my 30 cents a column inch. It takes a long time to make $5 without your assistance. Don’t look now, but I think fall is on our doorsteps.


Be well, stay safe and smile.