Josh Morgan Joins CHS as English Teacher

Josh Morgan is the newest addition to Calais High School as the new English teacher. (Photo by Kaieigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon


Calais High School will see a lot of new faces this year on the teaching staff. One of those new faces is Josh Morgan in the English Department. 

Mr. Morgan is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor’s Degree in linguistics and the University of New England with a Master’s Degree and teaching certificate. For the last two years Mr. Morgan has been working as a substitute teacher at a school for the deaf in southern Maine.

Mr. Morgan will have a variety of classes covering grades nine, ten, and eleven. His classes will include College Preparation English, Honors English and a credit recovery class. “I want students to take away from poetry and literature a desire to keep reading and writing,” Mr. Morgan said. 

When he isn’t teaching, Mr. Morgan likes to spend time with his family. Since he and his family just moved to the area they have been out exploring and getting to know Calais. They also like to swim, bike, hike and play music together as a family. 

“It’s a very different culture here from southern Maine,” Mr. Morgan said. 

While he’s still getting his feet under him and getting to know the students and staff at the school, Mr. Morgan is hoping to get a drama club up and running again. Both he and his wife enjoy drama and they hope to bring the program back. Like any good English teacher Mr. Morgan also enjoys the subject he teaches outside of school and spends some free time reading and writing as well. 

Mr. Morgan is excited to start his work at Calais High School and use his background in linguistics. “I had a linguistics professor at USM that helped me to understand language from a non-teacher point of view. It inspired me to teach English a little differently,” Mr. Morgan said.