Letter to the Editor

I would like to point out a few items with respect to the Maine State Nursing Association Union (MSNA) run meeting about the Calais Regional Hospital closing of OB services which was held at the Wabanaki Center this past Wednesday evening.                                                                              

 The fact that a union run meeting like this propagates many untruths, exaggerations, as well as an alarmist group dynamic, is bad enough; but given some of the inaccuracies that were experienced in this meeting, was well over the boundary of appropriateness.

The theatrical seating arrangement that was placed in front of the audience for the Calais Hospital Board and some of the administration was clearly for show and offered zero substance to accomplish anything of value at the meeting other than to denigrate these individuals who serve the hospital.

Was the Calais Hospital Board or Administration expected to attend a union-run meeting, a meeting which would only prove to be a stacked public lynching for them?

A list of discontinued services was presented at the meeting to denounce Quorum's ability to maintain services and show that Quorum likes to reduce services in hospitals that they are involved with. Looking at this list, most of these services are  Intensive Care services that are offered at large hospitals that have the specialists and population size for these services to be successful.

Again, other than for theatrical affect, was there any discussion about these services and what logic there was for not offering them at Calais Regional Hospital? 

Having experience in Intensive Care (ICU) for over 30 years, I know what it takes to successfully offer these services with respect to quality and safety, and I have never witnessed any desire of  Maine State Nursing Association members that work at Calais Regional Hospital to re-establish ICU and all that it entails! Most understand, and rightfully so, that these types of patients belong in an environment of ICU experienced staff, ICU physicians, and an incredible amount of expensive equipment.

Lastly, why can't the MSNA understand the decreasing populations of a unit like OB and accept that there are some services that will drag a hospital down and perhaps lead to closure of all services in an area that needs and uses most of them. The MSNA needs to get their facts straight and assist the hospital going forward. They have requested that Quorum get out of the city of Calais, perhaps they should get out!

Steven A. Welsch RRT.