Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson


The weather has, once again, blessed us for the past week.  We did get some rain on Sunday evening and a bit of a thunder storm, but the rain was not enough to help my tomatoes.  It was just a teaser for them and they have been complaining all day. The woods are very, very dry as evidenced by the fire of the Worcester land in Columbia.  Any little spark from a machine or an abandoned camp fire could start a big problem.

Scott Morrell has been in the area over the Labor Day weekend.  Scott has been doing some heavy-duty medical treatments over the past months and he was happy to check out this old stomping grounds. He visited cousin Eric’s farm on Trimble Mountain and cousin Darren’s campsite on Howard Lake. 

The community was saddened to hear of the passing of Bucky Rodgers last week.  Bucky put up a courageous fight with cancer for quite some time.  Sympathy is being extended to his family and friends.

Some of the birds are coming back to the farm for their winter vacations.  Even the blue jays gave the feeders a rest for a few weeks. For the price of a few suet cakes,  I have enjoyed several families of woodpeckers this summer.  They have a distinctive whistle when they arrive at the suet cake so I get the opportunity to observe their antics. Last week I saw my one hummingbird chasing the woodpecker.  It was really a great David and Goliath encounter. The woodpecker ignored the hummingbird and went to the suet cake.  Meanwhile, the hummingbird got tired of being ignored so he/she visited my flowers.

Last week I had two adult turkeys and four little ones in the newly-mowed fields.  Later in the week they came back for another visit and as they were disappearing down the hill, another two adult turkeys with their family of seven little ones appeared.  The baby turkeys have a good idea of what is expected of them by the adults and when the adults move in any direction, the young ones get in line and follow. I can think of several parents that would like the same results from their little ones.

The popular Salmon Festival in Eastport went off without any weather problems over the weekend. The movers and doers in that community certainly do a fantastic job of getting people to visit the island.  Every event contributes to the local economy.  Hats off to those planners and workers.

Special hellos are being sent out this week to the following: Anita Lydic, Susan McCray, Linda Richardson, Pastor Randy and Carolyn Chretien, Gladys McCray and Elwin Daley.  Our thoughts and prayers are still going out to Mike and Marilyn Trafton, who are feeling better, but are still getting over their health problems.

School events will be ramping up for the fall seasons. All area schools have opened for the first semester and we are asking drivers to be aware of the children on their way to school.

On Saturday, September 9 , an Italian dinner will be held at the Charlotte Fire Station on the Ayer’s Junction Road (a/k/a Route 214) will begin at 5 p.m. (instead of 5:30 p.m.); however, diners will begin going through the line as soon as the tables are filled.  Workers have prepared a spaghetti (lasagna, too, as long as it lasts) with garden salads, garlic bread and plenty of desserts. This will be the last dinner of the season with the last fund raiser for the year being the Craft Fair held at the Charlotte Elementary School on Saturday, November 4. 

The Charlotte Volunteer Fire Department and Auxiliary have had another good year of fundraising and all members of both groups appreciate the support of the local communities.  The fundraising saves the Town (taxpayers) of Charlotte a lot of money in necessities required for members of the Fire Department to do their jobs.

Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville would like to offer some more evenings with interesting DVD series.  Anyone with a particular suggestion for topics/ things/ authors/ subjects they would like to have the library feature to share and discuss should call the library during the present open hours: Monday 4-7 p.m.

The Dennysville Congregational Church Council will meet on Monday, September 11.  This will be a meeting to consider together future challenges and opportunities.  (Anyone needing information on the time of this meeting, should call the pastor at 726-3905.)

The full meeting of the Washington County Association of Congregational Churches will be held on Saturday, September 16 at the Marshfield Congregational Church at 9 a.m. They will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and its ongoing significance in their churches Down East.  Each local church is asked to send two delegates along with their pastors.

ASSIST-JC, the young people’s ministry from All Saints Congregational Church in Bangor, is looking forward to helping with mission projects this coming year.  They are asking for suggestions for practical ways they can make a difference.

Saturday, September 30 the Annual Church Auction will be held in the Dennysville Parish Hall.  Anyone with anything to contribute or who might like to help in any way is asked to contact Bill Kilby at 726-3915.

Sunday School will be resuming in Dennysville next month.  If readers know of any children in the area who would enjoy and benefit from these Sunday gathering of children and teachers, please contact the pastors at 726-3905.

Stay safe and have a great week.