Kathy Mekelburg



Robbinston Weather Summary for August: Temperatures averaged exactly normal but rainfall was below normal for the third consecutive month. The monthly mean temperature of 65.8 degrees was exactly normal and exactly the same as the July mean temperature. Maximum temperature reached only 85 degrees on the 14th and 21st. This is the lowest August monthly maximum temperature since 2011. Minimum temperature was 47 degrees on the 28th and 29th. There were 12 days with maximums 80 degrees or higher. There were 43 heating degree days or 3 above normal. Total since July 1st is 89 or 8 above normal. There were 75 cooling degree days or 4 above normal. Total since January 1st stands at 202 or 28 above normal.

Total rainfall came to 2.52 inches or .88 inches below normal. Total since January 1st stands at 37.52 inches or 3.80 above normal (due to the wet winter and very wet spring). Maximum hourly rainfall of .75 inches occurred on the 6th. This is the most for any month since an hourly amount of .85 inches fell on October 29, 2015! This is the greatest hourly August rainfall since 1.24 inches fell on August 29, 2009 (this is 1.24 inch amount happens to be the absolute hourly rainfall recorded for any month!) Maximum daily rainfall was 1.05 inches on the 19th. There were 7 days with measurable rainfall.

Highest barometer was 30.34 inches on the 28th, while the lowest was 29.60 inches on the 23rd. Mean monthly humidity was 78.1 per cent; the lowest monthly reading was 38 per cent on the 17th. Prevailing winds were southwest with an average speed of 2.0 miles per hour. Peak wind gust was 25/SW on the 3rd. There were 5 clear days, 16 partly cloudy days, and 10 cloudy days. Daytime sky cover averaged 64 per cent. There were 9 days with dense fog. Thunder occurred on the 6th and 13th.

SUMMER (June-August): Mean temperature 64.5 degrees (0.6 degrees above normal), rainfall 7.99 inches (3.19 inches below normal). This is the driest summer (7.99 inches) since only 7.61 inches fell during June-August 2003, 14 years ago! Many streams have dried up, and crops are getting quite stressed.