Series of Arrests in Pleasant Point Net Drug Trafficker

By Lura Jackson


A series of arrests were made recently in Pleasant Point, bringing charges of drug trafficking against one individual and charges of possession against others. The arrests came on Sunday, August 27th following a traffic stop at 10:30 a.m.

During the traffic stop, Pleasant Point Officer Sergeant Roger Newell discovered drugs on both the driver and the passenger that were identified and confirmed to be powdered cocaine, crack cocaine, and heroin. Based on information from the community, another vehicle was pulled over shortly afterwards and an individual with between 3-5 grams of heroin in prepackaged baggies was arrested. According to Pleasant Point Officer Lewis Evans, this heroin was believed to be for retail sale.

A short time after the traffic stops, officers located an individual in Pleasant Point at an apartment with an outstanding warrant. “A female in the residence was found to have approximately one gram of heroin and one gram of crack cocaine,” said Officer Evans. 

As a result of the flurry of arrests, Chad Robinson, a resident of Baileyville, was charged with possession of scheduled drugs and aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs. Jason Olsen of Pembroke, Adam Farley of Calais, and Amanda Newell of Pleasant Point were charged with possession of scheduled drugs. Additional charges are pending as the investigation continues.

“The seizure of the relatively large amount of drugs has a huge significance for our small community,” Officer Evans said. He added that the vast majority of reservation residents “are strongly against the importation of these dangerous and deadly drugs into their community.” After the incident, the department has received numerous displays of public support and Evans said the community is hopeful that more arrests are imminent. “We strongly encourage not only our community members on the reservation, but all surrounding communities, to finally take a stand and make our voices heard. We need to stop this epidemic right here and now if there is any hope of having a safe and healthy future for our children growing in this area.”

The public is strongly encouraged to report any suspicious activity to their local law enforcement agency. The cooperation of the public and that which exists between the police departments plays a major hand in the success of law enforcement operations. For the series of arrests on Sunday, the Pleasant Point Police Department was assisted by Eastport Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff.

On account of their roles in trafficking and possessing drugs on tribal territory, Adam Farley, Chad Robinson, and Jason Olsen were served at the Washington County Jail with official banishment letters. As a result, the three cannot return to Pleasant Point or tribal lands under the authority of the Passamaquoddy tribe. According to Officer Evans, this method of banishment has been used by the tribe and others within the state for many years to restrict the movements of individuals who have committed offenses related to drugs offenses, assaults and threats made to tribal members. Per Officer Evans, there are approximately 58 nontribal members that are now banned from Passamaquoddy lands.